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Why You’re Not Making Money Online

If you’re not making the kind of money you’d like to be making online, I can tell you what you’re doing wrong.

It’s simple.

You’re not getting enough traffic.

Well, not just any traffic will do. You need high-quality, targeted, buyer traffic.

Methods for Getting Traffic

1.    SEO (Search engine optimization)

SEO is one of the most common methods for generating traffic online. The big reason many people fail with SEO is because it’s a method that anyone can attempt without spending an arm and a leg. In many cases, no monetary investment is required.

Although there is little to no monetary investment required with SEO, there is a fairly large time investment required to get high-quality traffic. Not only that, but it can take weeks, months, or even years to begin getting enough traffic to make any solid money with SEO. In many cases, you may never rank for the terms you’re trying to rank for and you’re also at the mercy of Google if they decide to make changes like they’ve done recently.

2.    Paid Traffic (Media Buys and Pay-Per-Click)

An alternative to SEO is to purchase traffic. A huge benefit of purchased traffic is the ability to get traffic almost instantly. As soon as you’ve purchased your banner ad or posted your ad on a PPC engine, you can start getting traffic.

The problem is becoming profitable with paid advertising takes a lot of skill, time, and experience. Most people that try paid advertising lose a lot of money. Unless you’ve got extremely deep pockets and a lot of time to split-test multiple campaigns and make minor tweaks here and there to boost your return on investment, you should probably avoid paid advertising.

Not only that, but to get click-throughs and conversions with paid traffic methods, you must be an excellent copywriter.

3.    Google Cash Monster

The Google Cash Monster is all about buyer traffic and lots of it. The Google Cash Monster is a new system for getting a site up, running, and getting traffic within a matter of minutes.

It’s a method that allows you to legally hack Google and rank #1 for all of the search terms that your buyers are searching day in and day out.

The best part is, you…

>Don’t need your own product

>Don’t need to be a copywriter

>Don’t have to make a bunch of videos

>Don’t have to write countless articles

>Don’t have to do any SEO

>Don’t have to spend any money on traffic

If you’ve struggled to make money online, you owe it to yourself to give the Google Cash Monster system a quick look.

Their website has a lot of examples of how people like you and me are able to make as much as $1,000+ per month using the system.

Learn more about the Google Cash Monster here >>> Make Real Money Online

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