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Twitter – How to Make Money From Networking Sites

Twitter – How to Make Money From Networking Sites

Twitter is the fastest growing social networking site but how can it be used to generate sales and/or an income? Obviously building a large number of followers is a good start and vital but it pays to remember that promoting yourself the right way can lead to your followers passing on (or “re-tweeting”) your messages and therefore reaching a much larger amount of people than you originally intended.

Done the wrong way though it can have catastrophic effects on a companies image. Recently a member of Habitat ‘s promotion team decided to use Twitter to promote their Spring Collection, not a bad plan until the same bright spark decided that the best way to do this was to use hashtags – keywords that help Twitter users locate posts on specific themes – however using such hashtags as #Iran and #Mousavi wasn’t the smartest idea, Habitat’s messages also mentioned iPhone, Apple and the name of an Australian reality TV contestant to promote 20% off their spring collection. This has already become one of the most prominent examples of attempts to engage with social networking sites backfiring since it meant that Twitter users who were searching for updates on the Iran unrest were finding adverts for Habitat coming up in their searches. There has already been a lot of backlash from this and Habitat officials have issued an apology.

So just how can we use Twitter to promote without spamming? Several large companies have discovered the power of having promotions that involve their followers, a simple competition can draw in a lot of people and also result in competition sites, who are also on Twitter, re-tweeting the information to all their followers as well. This snowball effect is what makes Twitter a quick and simple way to promote just about anything.

So just where should you start if you want to make money on Twitter? It’s not quite as simple as sending random people messages asking for money, although this approach has worked for the occasional person.

Personally I found that a couple of sites contained all the information I needed to learn about
how to Twitter for profit , to be honest I was very surprised just how simple it was to make money with Twitter

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