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Tips to make money with ClickBank

Tips to make money with ClickBank

To earn good money with ClickBank, you must first learn how. In this article I give some tips that will help in this task, you can apply them and make money faster.

Apply these tips up to you, and if you do, do not complain if you lose a lot of money and your results are scarce. Many people start online business, promoting other people’s products through ClickBank affiliates like platforms, but left a lot of money along the way.

I guess I do not want to be one of those, so relax and pay attention to what I say here. They’ll thank me in the future.

How to make money with ClickBank – Five tips to avoid losing money with ClickBank:

Tip number one:

Before promoting a ClickBank product, you must ensure that there is a market for it. Without demand, there will never be money. You need not be an expert or have superpowers to understand this right?. It is simply a universal logic. Without customers interested in your product, no sales. Make a market survey to not lose money in your promotions.

Tip number two:

When you have a product with good demand, you will not have trouble making sales. But ….. Do not choose a product that is neither too cheap nor too expensive. According to experts, the best conversion for products with an acceptable demand is between $ 35 and $ 95. Beyond these parameters, it will be a bit more complicated but not impossible to make sales.

Tip number three:

Already have a product with demand and an acceptable price, now you will begin your promotion. The first and most important is selecting the right keywords for the product you have chosen to promote. Do not even think of choosing generic words as though they have much traffic you see, these are not words of purchase, people looking for things with these words, do not buy anything. The most appropriate is to use more specific words, but with less traffic you see, are more profitable when promoting your product

Tip number four:

In making the review page or landing page, try to think like a prospect. Try to find ideas to help your customer to buy the product. Answer the following questions: How will solve their problems? What if it does not work? Is there a warranty? And other questions that any buyer may have.

Tip Number Five:

Finally, you must lead your visitors to your landing page to the purchase page without being noticed much you are trying to make a sale. Your ultimate goal is that your customer clicks on that link and pull out your credit card.


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