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The basics of how to make money online

The basis of incomes on-line is to build an advertising of the pyramid, all big  money in the Internet are made on advertising. In fact the Internet is a global advertising platform with billions of consumers, as soon you understand it, then faster you will start earning. Do not believe the people who promise a large and fast-money – this is only possible for the founder of the pyramid which sells multiple information products of own preparation, usually dummy in a beautiful package.Unfortunately the psychological aspect is very important, you will be able not to give up and believe in yourself  finding the right information in Gigabyte garbage.

1) Ideally, to start construction of the  pyramid or referral network, call it what you want,you need the base, as in the construction of any structure.
The basis of the structure can become your personal website, where you will post quality information or you can use the plugin WP Robot for auto-filling of the site, it is necessary to generate traffic,you can start without a website, but the structure will be not very stable.

2) You should study the structure and principle of work sites traffic exchange for getting free traffic, traffic is the lifeblood of on-line more traffic – more referrals – more money, you have no other choice. There are two types of traffic exchange: automatic exchange and manual exchange, to build the structure  the manual exchange more effective but more time-consuming. To promote your website you can use Social Exchange is the most effective way and the sites of auto exchange. Reliable sites for  traffic  exchange and social exchange you can find here absolutely free.

You can sell or cheat on-line ….. but only building a referral network will bring stable and growing income.

You have to work and first time the income will not great patience and go to your goal and a couple of years you will get a stable and growing income, which will allow you to be yourself.

Always remember advertisers pay-per-view ads, more referrals – more views – more money. This is the basis of incomes on-line and everything works on this basis.

Good luck!

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