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Text Messaging Advertising ? Opportunity Knocks

Text Messaging Advertising ? Opportunity Knocks

As a businessman one of the most welcome news for you should be the advent of text messaging advertising, and how your business can benefit from it. It may still be new, but the concept shows a lot of promise and great opportunities for businesses to grow and earn profit.

Text messaging advertising, especially in the form of a subscription list opens a new door of opportunities for your business to secure more subscribers in you text message lists. For all you know, the task of informing or wooing your market about all the good things your business can offer them is probably a very important one, second only to delivering quality products and services. And how you do it truly matters. Here’s how you can turn your fortunes around for the better:

A simple but attractive poster on your restaurant walls promoting some events with specific timeframes thru texting is an easy, but equally attractive way to build up your subscription list because the promise of enjoying such events or winning those promotions within time limits will spring your customers into action by playing along and texting those required keywords and codes.

This can be very handy with lean business days. You can employ such tactics to lure your target market on such days to generate profit.

Another way to exploit SMS subscription opportunities is gearing up your own people to help promote some exclusive offers and promos just to fatten up your own text message list. One particular benefit of text messaging advertising is getting those in the subscription list to avail your time-sensitive promotions or coupons, and then incorporating them with the other advertising mediums like e-mail and video marketing, as well as print, TV and radio ads to feature text message codes to enhance brand exposure and recall.
Placing those SMS codes on various business cards, flyers, letterheads and even postcards will guarantee that word will spread out about your exclusive text offers. And that widens things up, introducing more people to your business.
Because you are a smart businessman, you can always exploit the possibility of forging partnerships with others in the business where you can have the advantage of making cross promotions with each other’s SMS subscriber lists. It may also help to inform your customers or subscribers that part of the services you offer are furnishing them with periodic offers from other businesses in the community that you trust.
Another great thing you can have with text messaging advertising via your SMS code exploits is tracking data. As your subscription list grows, it can also help you keep track of how the other advertising mediums you have it attached with are faring. And it’s all due to the rate of sign-up responses. You’ll automatically have an idea what’s strong and what needs to be tweaked.

These tactics are just a part of the general idea of how text messaging advertising can help turn the fortunes of your business around. You can do many other things with it. Exploit it now.

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