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Welcome to Online Advertising

Welcome to Online Advertising

When it comes to attracting customers to your business, advertising is critical regardless of the size of your company or the product you are selling. It is the best way to let customers about your products and services. In this day and age it is difficult to survive without some form of advertising however most forms are very expensive and some like television are out of the reach of small business. Even if you have money to spend on decent ad campaign there is no guarantee you will reach those customers that are ready to make a purchase. Not wasting money on ads that will never be seen is key growing your business. Spending money on an ad that may not even be noticed is a source of frustration for companies of all sizes. However, with online advertising businesses can attract the customers they desire. Customers with money in hand ready to buy. Google AdWords allows business owners to make that happen.

The internet big, real big, and each day people from all walks of life are using it as a way to find the products they are looking for rather take the time to visit a store on the chance it might have the right product. Getting noticed on the internet these days is the first step to get them through your door. You may have the greatest product around but if no one knows about it it’s tough to sell it. Online advertising can get that product noticed very quickly. The internet advertising product from Google, known as “AdWords” is becoming the best place to invest your advertising dollar. But it takes some effort to advertise effectively with AdWords. Without solid management and constant tweaking your money can be misspent just as it can with other forms of advertising. With AdWords, you build online advertising campaigns around specific keywords that users are typing into Google. The number one spot in the search results will show the ad from the highest bidder. Once a user clicks that ad the ad owner is charged anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the popularity of the keyword.

Here are a few tips to help get you started in AdWords and internet marketing. First on the list is to do some research on your own business. Open Google and type in some words and phrases that relate to your product and see what you can find. Next, try to think of other words and phrases related to your product. Search for the product with the city and state to and see what you get. It’s even worth the time to search on the misspelling of your product name. Develop a list of all words phrases as you can come up with. This will help in attracting new customers and getting a ahead of the competition. Also, don’t forget about match types when searching in Google. The three phrase types in AdWords are broad, phrase, or exact. For example entering Advertising Columbus will show different results that “Advertising Columbus” and [Advertising Columbus] will give you an even different result. Entering the search phrase with quotes tells Google to search on the entire phrase in any word order. Using brackets around the keywords tell Google to search exactly as written.

Taking all of three search phrases into account give you and even list of keywords. Once this is done there is still more to do. Next is the job of ad creation, splitting ads into groups, and constant testing of those ads to eliminate those that don’t perform. This can be time consuming and detract for you business. There is help available to handle all of this marketing work. Hiring a Search Engine Marketing consultant can help get your online advertising campaign into high gear and put your business at the top of Google. This also cost money but it is well worth it. Getting your business in front of just one internet user can pay for the cost of the entire campaign if done correctly. Yes advertising is expensive but making the move to pay per click advertising can help manage those costs and give you a greater return on your investment.

Search Engine Marketing Specialists can custom design a Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign to help grow your business.

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