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Make good amount of passive income by selling website or blog template

Make good amount of passive income by selling website or blog template

If you are a very good web designer, you probably realize the importance of keeping your self very busy not only work for new customer also work for old customers. Unfortunately here many website designers get failed. That’s why their business in not able to reach its full potential. Selling website and blog template is good idea to make some decent amount of passive income.

What is website template—?

Website templates are common layouts that are meant to work with different kind of website. All hard coding of website template is done by professional or good designer with keep in mind that consumer is able to customize it in its own way. So that consumer is able add its own graphics and content in your templates.  The main key is kept in mind at the time of creating website templates to give absurdity to your customer.

How you can sell templates online—

After creating website templates here comes selling part with the help of selling templates you can generate a good amount of passive income. Create a website in which you sell templates. In your website create 2 sections in which you give some free templates or in other one you give pro templates.

Show case of your website design—

You are selling website templates so you need to incorporate showcase in your website. You can do this by Display image of each template, so visitor or buyer is able to see how they look.  Give some description and features of your website templates. Or you can also give preview option for your templates.

Make sure your design is unique—

Create some interesting and simple looking templates because you already know in this immerging field you find more and more competitors.  It like you standing in crowd or trying to notice by other person which is impossible until you do something unique.

Create different kind s of templates because you know different people have different choices. So keep in mind all this and create all kinds of templates simple look, abstract, anime, grunge etc.

Offer some additional services—

Offering different kinds of services or offers are going to help you generate more sales that mean you are able to earn more passive income. You can offer this types of offers like search engine friendly design or cool looking graphics design.

Promote your website to get more sells-

Promote you website to get more visitors and try to convert visitors into your customers. Because you already know traffic is equal to money if you get lots of traffic that means you are making lots of passive income. Do Seo of your website to getting more traffic.


hello everyone my name is singh sachit and i am working as freelance digital marketer. if you want any kind of help in online marketing then feel free to contact me.because i am here to help you. you can contact me on my email id- enrique321singh@gmaildotcom

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Creating an Online Website for Advertising

Creating an Online Website for Advertising

If you have a good business model to implement and share, participate in a referral program, or have a marketing idea that can help you earn money online, the first step to create a website. What some may not know is that a website is a monthly expense and can quickly become a full time job. You will pay a host a monthly fee to keep your website online and functioning properly. You may also have to pay someone a fixed amount to initially create your website so that it stands out among the others, and is able to get picked up by popular search engines. On top of these two common expenses, you will need to keep adding more to your website, updating, and altering it throughout the following months so that any one who views your website will frequently continue to come back.

Shop around for a good host to start your service with and choose a domain name (which is an extra expense) that is catchy, unique, or that stands out. This should also be something that is directly related to what you are advertising. For example, if you are advertising a new idea on how you can make cash online, you may consider a domain name involving the words “make,” “money,” and “online.” A poor example of a domain name related to this would be something hard to remember, such as “1234567makemoneyonline,” or something that is too long.

See what other websites in your genre or field look like by doing a quick search online. Many of them will probably look pretty basic and similar. You want yours to stand out from the rest. If you are marketing a product or referral program, your website should express in sophistication that it truly does work, not in flashing lights and with advertisement riddled pages. Settle on a single theme and carry it throughout your entire website, or hire a web designer to do this for you.

Create original content for your website. People relate best to other people, and a good way to express that you are no different from them, is in your own words. Include a contact form sent through the website so that they can connect with you personally if they choose, and without having to give your personal email address information. Some other things to consider regarding content for your website are examples of marketing or sales letters, tips and tricks that you can offer to your readers, and any other lessons you have learned that may be helpful in benefiting someone else. This will help you earn visitors that come back, which will boost your chances of referral.

After all the initial work it takes to create your own website, once it has been completed you will only need to worry about updates and getting more visitors to view your website. With everything working fine, you can focus on earning money online as you had originally set out to do!

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Make use of popular social networks to market your products and website

Make use of popular social networks to market your products and website

Internet marketing has really taken off as the economy shifts and people seek new ways to make money. Online sales have reached the peak and are generating billions of dollars in annual profits. With all of these activity, this is the ideal time to get started as an internet marketer. If you follow the advice we’ll be offering in this article, you will be able to start creating your own internet marketing empire.

One of the most prominent tips you can receive on Internet marketing is to be helpful to your potential customers. You want to be someone who your target audience seeks out for information or advice in your niche. You have to separate yourself from all the fly by night marketers who are only trying to make a quick buck. That’s why it’s important that you reach out and offer people real assistance. Your prospects and visitors will see that you are doing more than promoting, you are also offering to help them. You are in a better position to make recommendations for your products after people trust you. You are better off if you stay away from high pressure sales pitches but instead talk to people in a low key way about how your products can help them. You want your prospects to see you as someone who is able to fill a need they have. Not only that, even after they buy from you, you have to keep on building a relationship with your customers so that you get more sales in the future. You should strike a balance between promoting and providing consistent value. The secret to successful marketing is to have happy and satisfied customers. When you are an internet marketer, your main goal should be to deliver as much value as you can. The satisfaction of your client is intertwined with the level of value you offer. This applies to anything and everything, from the content you create to the products you sell. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition remember that your customers will compare you based on the level of value you are providing. If you want to get a big chunk of your market, then you need to get its mind share, and this will only be possible when everything you do positively influences your customers. If you want to expand your business successfully, then you need to always deliver value.

Another important internet marketing principle is to test everything consistently. This is of the utmost importance, and it applies to all aspects of your business. You should take advantage of the fact that internet marketing allows you to test and track all the time. This isn’t possible in the offline world. You can improve every aspect of your marketing through testing. Testing allows you to see what’s working and to make necessary changes, which reduces your costs and increases profits in the long run. In summary, the methods you use to enhance your Internet marketing campaigns may be many but the essence will always remain the same. You need to build a powerful base for your online business and this can only be done by using the right methods.

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Use Google AdSense And Earn Money From Your Website

Use Google AdSense And Earn Money From Your Website

Have you ever thought of making money with Google AdSense? It is well known as  it is the simpliest method to earn real cash from your website.


What is Google AdSense?


Google AdSense is an ad revenue sharing program created by Google. No doubt you have noticed ads on Google’s website. Every time you type in a search term. Google displays advertisers’ ads on the top few positions and along the right side of your search results. Whenever someone clicks an ad, Google earns a fee.


Google wanted to increase their ad revenues, so they created the AdSense program. This program allows the same Google ads to be placed on your websites. Now when a visitor to your website clicks on an ad, Google will share a portion of the fee collected with you.


When your commissions reach or exceed $ 100.00, Google will mail you a check or direct deposit you earnings into your bank account.


Top AdSense earners pocket over $ 100,000 per year. Many modest websites earn $ 100 – $ 500 per month.


How do you make money with AdSense? Follow these key steps:

Research decent paying keywords.
Pick a theme for your website niche. One you enjoy.
Write quality SEO articles based on one keyword per article.
Get back links to boost your articles in the search engines.
Join Google AdSense program after you have some traffic.
Place Google ad code on each page you want to monetize.
Continue to create content.
Continue to get back links.
Bank your earnings.


Remember high paying keywords are usually high because of competition. Competition makes it harder to rank in the search engines. Find a niche with less competition and you will rank in the search engines sooner. Even if the keywords pay less, you can make money with AdSense sooner.


High traffic times any fee equals profit!


Your AdSense ads should be in the same font as your content. Choose the 336×280 or 300×250 ad sizes. Be sure your ad links are blue. Have one ad block above the fold. Making these changes doubled my AdSense revenue.


AdSense is the ideal way to monetize your content websites. You do not have to:

Create any products.
Stock any products.
Ship any products.
Collect any sales tax.
Manage any affiliate program.

Can you make money with Google AdSense? Of course!

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