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Create Passive Income With Candy Vending Machines

Create Passive Income With Candy Vending Machines

Most people nowadays are focused on creating residual income online, but there are still legitimate ways to create passive income out in the real world. A friend of mine is earning $ 600 per month and he is doing hardly any work. My friend told me that he owns three candy vending machines and he has agreements with three local stores that allow him to keep these machines at their location for only 10% of the earnings.

He averages $ 200 per month in quarters per machine! He makes $ 600 gross and spends about $ 90 per month actually buying the candy at Costco. ($ 30 per machine) Time wise, he spends about 10 minutes at each store filling the candy and collecting the money. He is profiting at least $ 450 to $ 500 per month in cash! Just think if he had ten or twenty machines.

This friend told me that the hardest part of the candy vending business is actually finding stores that will allow you to put the candy machine at their location and typically you might ask 20 or 30 store managers and only get one store to agree to take your machine. He recommended that I keep my eye out for local stores that have available space and he said that “mom and pop” stores are usually the most receptive.

I asked my friend where he bought his machines and he said that there were vending machine companies online where you can have the machines delivered right to your home or office. I checked out some of the websites and I found a few that actually have a warranty that comes with their machines. The average price for a three cannister candy machine is about $ 300. So you basically make your money back in a little over a month. Overall, I think this is definitely a source of passive income or residual income that I am going to investigate. I think almost anyone can make money with vending machines.

Michael-John Wolfe

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