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Uncouth Behavioral And Journaling Practices To Avoid In All Social Networks

Uncouth Behavioral And Journaling Practices To Avoid In All Social Networks
As a blogger and owner of a micro blog network hosting service, I am constantly doing online research in an effort to keep abreast of new technologies and marketing tools, and reviews of products/services I might be interested in.

Ever so often I come across a ‘kernel of wisdom’ from a fellow blogger that is so well written that it is “buzz” worthy, and indeed worth mentioning in one of my blogs. That being said, I would like to thank the writer of: “The 5 Most Annoying Things People do on Twitter” (, for such a hilarious piece.

With the use of humorous commentary and funny pictures, the blogger was able to highlight key micro blogging issues in a non-threatening way. It was the blogger’s second point that kept me in “stitches” for the rest of the night: can you imagine having your senses assailed (just as you have logged-in) by news that a fellow member of your micro blog community has been “Tweeting” from his toilet? As funny as it seems, these infractions are some of the uncouth practices that prevail in social networking websites.

By law, all commercial social networking sites and e-biz sites are required to have “terms and conditions” clauses for their members. These clauses prohibit the use of: sexually-explicit content, discriminative posturing, and also unsolicited spamming. However, persons quite frequently agree to the “terms and conditions” yet proceed to break the rules when they are granted membership- often resulting in the closure of their accounts.

If persons are unsure of how to behave in these membership sites, all they need to do is adhere to the social graces or “golden rule” that they were taught in grammar school. Here are a few social graces that can be adopted while in vastly integrated cyber communities.

Remember the adage: “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything”. It is true that micro blogs can be entertaining, and perhaps were initially created for the purpose of recreation. Micro blogging has however also become an invaluable marketing tool to business owners- small and large because of mini video and audio upload features, as well as compatibility with major cellular phone service providers. Therefore, when sharing such a public space with professionals that may have the power to recommend you for a job, or refer your product or services to colleagues, it is best to choose your words carefully.

There is a lot that can be said in 150 characters or less. It is common for people, new to micro blogging, to “get the jitters” when they see others ‘chattering’ on their membership sites, and yet they can’t find anything to say. This is because the true role of micro blogging has not yet been comprehended. It is true that many join to promote products and other business, but when joining these e-communities: join with the intention of being sociable; you are there to make a profit- yet you are open to starting new friendships. There is the potential of updating your micro blog everyday just by a change of mind-set.

Adhering to the protocol of established sites and exercising judgment in behavior on all social websites will ensure that you keep your account for many years to come.