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How to Waste Time and Lose Money Networking

How to Waste Time and Lose Money Networking

Networking is a very important marketing component for most businesses, yet so many people just don’t seem to understand that to make it work there is a crucial step that must be done right…the follow-up.

At a recent event I attended I went up to the presenter afterwards and said that I was very interested in what they were offering and could they call me the following day. The presenter replied ” Absolutely. We’ll be in touch tomorrow”. Three weeks later and nothing has happened! What a waste of an opportunity. I won’t be investing any money with this company.

Most events, business meetings, seminars etc. where I’ve met some great people…guess what? 99% of them never follow up afterwards. Not even a ‘Great to meet you’ email or phone call. If you’re in business and you want to maximise your time and money, learn how to network effectively and follow up! It’s so simple yet most people don’t do it.

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Also make sure you follow these networking basics:

1. Always have your business cards with you.

2. Block time in your diary to follow up from every event within 24-48 hours.

3. Add all business cards to your database and keep detailed records of all conversations and communications

4. Have a way to stay in touch with people ie. an ezine, newsletter, cards etc.

5. Keep doing the basics… they work.

The Final Word

You cannot afford to miss these golden opportunities unless you don’t need to make any more money and have plenty of time on your hands! There’s huge opportunity in networking. but you need to know how to do it properly to get long-term results.

If you’re not sure what how to get your systems right to maximise your networking opportunities and avoid letting money slip through your fingers, then I urge you to take action and invest in a proven step-by-step system that will get you big results. Get a copy of “The Productivity and Profit Home Study System”. It includes everything you need to know to free up your time so you can take better care of yourself, organise your systems and master your marketing so you make much more money and get a life!

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Real Time Forex News Feed – What You Must Know to Make Money

Real Time Forex News Feed – What You Must Know to Make Money

Real Time Forex News Feed

Forex news trading is very, very sexy. After all, who doesn’t want to make hundreds or thousands of dollars in a few minutes and know that you just made more than you would working for a whole month! Sounds exciting, right? Well, let’s take a look at some basics that you must understand before you can trade the news this successfully.

Let’s be real clear here. The volatility in the market immediately after the news is not caused by the big forex traders. No, the big forex traders don’t like the risk and would rather let the newbies and foolish traders fight each other for their little scraps of money. It sounds cruel, but it is true.

The reason that price moves so much following major news releases is not because there is so much money going in and out of the market. The reason for volatility is that the big forex players sit on the sidelines, so there is no one to take the opposite sides of our trades. Real Time Forex News Feed

That is why the price can move up 50 pips so quickly – no one wants to sell what you are buying, so the price just goes higher and higher until it gets high enough that someone is willing to sell now.

So what that means is, to make consistent money in the news, you need to wait until the volatility has subsided. Otherwise, you might press the buy button at 1.2700, but you won’t get filled until 1.2725. About that time, the market will begin falling and you will be out of 50 to 100 pips before you can close your trade.

Professional traders take the time to read and digest the news before they enter trades. That is why the price may go up 200 pips in 2 hours (newbie trading), but then falls back down over the next 4 hours (professional trading). The reason is that professional traders interpret the news from a long-term perspective and start selling. This causes the market to fall.

So the best way to trade the news is to straddle the market – that is, place orders above and below the current price far enough away so that both won’t get hit in the extreme volatility phase. Once one order is filled, cancel the other order. This assures that you get in the market when you want and that you can trade your plan without the interference of market volatility. Real Time Forex News Feed

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Passive Internet Income – Three Tips to Save You Time and Money

Passive Internet Income – Three Tips to Save You Time and Money

Almost everyone would like to create some sort of passive income. That is, doing the work now and then seeing the continuous results for months and years to come. The question becomes…how to best create that income. With the explosion of the internet many people are turning to the web for answers. In my search for a truly passive internet income, I found it helpful and time-saving to consider these three simple things.

Three Tips To Help You Save Time and Money While Creating Passive Internet Income

1) Be Realistic! Many people come to the internet and think that creating an online income should be quick and easy. Working online is no different than working at a job. When starting a new job you have to learn the new job duties, follow company procedures, work with other people and learn new things. When working online, consider it a new job and begin learning all of the new things required. The only major difference is that on the internet, your income will start smaller and grow into whatever you want it to be, while working at a job, you may start with more money, but you are limited to that amount until you get a raise or take a new job. Not a lot of potential and certainly not based on your personal effort or abilities.

2) Be consistent with your time and effort. How many people start something and then quite because it takes too much time or is too difficult? 95% to be exact! That’s why so many people fail. It’s not because they are not smart enough. Most people fail because they quit…and that is usually based on their preconceived ideas about how difficult creating a passive internet income or any passive income should be. If you want to make 100K this year you need to do what any person making 100K a year does! “Find someone that has what you want and do what they do”. If you do, you will soon realize that creating any solid, substantive income is not easy. Simple…yes, but not easy. If it were easy everyone would be a millionaire! So you need to get a plan. There are many good plans on the internet to get you to the point of having a solid, passive internet income. Which brings us to the last tip.

3) Choose a Plan! Everything that we do requires a plan of some sort. Your job has a job description and a process. The hairdresser has a plan for cutting each style. Mowing your lawn requires some sort of plan. Why do we think that creating a passive internet income would be any different? This is the most common mistake people make. Research the industry, be realistic about what’s possible with your situation, choose a plan and get started.

Hesitation will also push you toward giving up on your goal of creating a truly passive internet income. Don’t waste too much time second guessing yourself. If you take some time to do research you will feel much more confident about the plan that you choose and will be more motivated to work the plan to it’s successful conclusion. Creating a passive internet income is becoming more popular due to the economic times. Take the time now to begin your online journey and create a different future for yourself and your family. It’s never too late to start.

Finding myself in a difficult position a few months ago, I began my own journey to create a passive internet income. I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice.

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Forex Trading ? A Great Way to Make Money in Your Spare Time

Forex Trading ? A Great Way to Make Money in Your Spare Time

The current economic slowdown has affected many economies badly, but one of the worst affected was the United States. There have been many social repercussions of this economic meltdown and the country is still struggling to come to terms with it. Many people lost their jobs and many more has to accept pay cuts or a freeze in salary levels, and this placed a lot of burden on families struggling to stay financially solvent. People looking out for employment opportunities have taken to Forex trading in a big way because this is one line of employment that has immense advantages.

Forex trading refers to the process of buying and selling international currencies in order to pocket the difference. You have to pick a set of two currencies and then buy one in relation to the other and then sell when the price is right. Since there is no physical Forex market, this sort of trading can be done from any location. In addition, the various international money markets are open according to the time zones they are located in, and this means that there is some currency open for trading at any time of the day or night.

The significance of these two points is that you can trade in Forex from any location and at any time convenient to you. All you need is a computer with an internet connection as well as some amount of money to start your trading business with. You can trade from home or even from work, if time and your work schedule permits. You need a broker or a trading platform to operate from and there are many of them to choose from.

Trading in Forex has become very popular with people who need an additional income in order to make ends meet. Sitting at a computer beats commuting to a second or third job in order to earn extra money especially if you can make it very profitable. Many stay at home moms also trade in Forex because the cost of childcare sometimes does not justify going out to work or because they would like to play a greater role in raising their children while still retaining the ability to earn money.

Forex is a very volatile market and a person needs to be able to take advantage of all the opportunities it presents. One does need to have a certain level of awareness of the Forex market before beginning to trade. Like any line of work, this one too requires you to get a certain level of competency before you can start to make the kind of money that makes this job worthwhile. Luckily there are plenty of educational resources available to you and you can quickly pick up the basics of this trade.

If you are really interested in Forex trading you could start be reading up about it so that your questions are all answered. You will be able to make a success of it if you are well prepared.

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