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Top Strangest Social Networks

Top Strangest Social Networks

Along with the popularity of Facebook, the trend of specializing social networks is developing with a dozens of seriously strange websites for people who share the same interests.


Social network for prisoners

Prison Inmate is considered to be the largest social network for prisoners protected by law of US federal with more than 4,000 members. This is the regular communication channel where relatives, friends and inmates can share everything about their lives. Prison Inmate is also the social network site which has very few of posts and comments.

Prison Imate is the social network for US prisoners


Social network for kids is the social network site for just under 18s. The website supplies more than 1,000 games for kids with high security. Because it is the site for children, Southwalekids has beautiful interface design with many lovely images. is the website for childen under 18


Social network for Muslims

Muslimbook is a new social website for Muslims all around the world to discuss all religion-related issues. However before signing in this website, each member has to come over a difficult test.

The home page of MuslimBook


Social network for gamers

Gamers in the world are familiar with This social website is the site for all gamers to make friends and share their experiences of strategies, guides and images rapidly.


Social network for the rich

When signing in this community, every user needs to have at least $ 1 million to be accepted. Although is not a famous website, all its information is secured at the highest level.


Social network for Cuban

Early this month, Cuba announced the launch of its own version of Facebook called “Red Social” (Social Network). The website describes itself as “a virtual meeting point between Cuban universities.” The site is accessible only from within Cuba, where official estimates state only 2 percent of the population has internet access. The initiative follows other government initiatives to imitate popular global websites, such as its creation last year of EcuRed, a Cuban version of Wikipedia. After several days, Red Social has over 7,000 members.

Red Social is Cuba’s version of Facebook



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