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Creating Passive Income by Writing Short Reports

Creating Passive Income by Writing Short Reports

A lot of people start their online adventures with dreams of making a ton of money, buying a big house, possibly a yacht, and working in their pajamas until four in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality for most of us. It takes hard work, discipline, time and motivation to begin to see even a little bit of income. Sure, you can work in your pajamas, but don’t quit your day job yet. What you need to work towards is creating passive income if you want to reach those dreams of financial freedom.

The great thing is, it can be done! There are many ways to create passive income online, but I’m going to share one method with you in this article that is relatively easy, and almost anyone can do it.

Creating Passive Income With Short Reports

Even if you’re new to the internet marketing thing, I’m sure you’ve ran across a short report or two since you began. Shorts reports are typically 5-10 page PDFs that can be downloaded to your computer.

A lot of marketers use short reports to entice people to sign up for their newsletter. When you sign up with your name and email, you’re given a link to download the free report.

Other marketers give their short reports away without having to opt in to anything in the hopes that it will go viral – meaning the report will get passed around all over the internet. This brings a lot of traffic back to the author’s website and helps build their brand.

What I’m talking about today is not about giving those reports away.

I’m talking about selling those reports.

Before you think I’m a lunatic, hear me out.

I’ve purchased many a short report online, and I know a lot of others do too. It’s not the length of the report that people are concerned about. It’s the quality. Many marketers fill their reports with fluff and hype to make them look really long. They equate long with value. That’s just not the reality though.

Some of the best reports I’ve read were only 10 pages long. People just don’t have the time to read more than that. They have a problem. They need a solution. They need it now. And you can give it to them.

You can create an outline for a report in just a few minutes. You can write that report in just a few days or less if you’re really focused. You can edit that report in one day. So in less than one week, you can have a report packaged in a PDF and ready to sell.

But how do you sell it?

You promote it with a free email mini-course!

What the heck is an email mini-course?

An email mini-course – or an ecourse – is just a few short emails delivered in sequence through an autoresponder. You can write a really great article that is related to your short report, break it up into a few parts, then load it into your autoresponder as Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc.

When someone signs up for your ecourse, they have each lesson delivered to their inbox starting with Lesson 1. In those lessons, you get your subscriber pumped about your short report, then offer it to them at the end of the lessons.

Not everybody will buy it, but if you do a good job of “pre-selling” it, you can get a good percentage of them to. If your ecourse provides really great content that they find useful, they’ll be willing to pay to get even more information from you.

These are the basics of this particular method. And if you continue to use this method multiple times, it can be a great way to create passive income and keep building it over time.

To find out more about profiting from writing short reports, visit where Cassandra Germsheid shares her money-making tips and work from home experiences.

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A Short Primer On Binary Options Trading

A Short Primer On Binary Options Trading

In finance, a binary option means an option where the payoff is either a specific amount of a certain asset or nothing at all. It is known as a binary option since there are just two outcomes possible. This contract is usually generally known as an all-or-nothing, fixed return, or digital option.

You will find two types available – the cash-or-nothing option and the asset-or-nothing option. With the former, you get paid a set amount if it expires in the money. In contrast, the latter pays the value of the underlying assets.

How does binary options trading work?

Binary options trading works like this. As opposed to buying or selling assets, you will be asked to place a “wager” on how a certain stock or market will move. For instance, if you think maybe a certain commodity will be higher at a certain period, you place a trade under a “call option.” If you happen to believe otherwise, you trade under a “put option.”

What happens after i invest in options trading?

It will depend on the platform you choose. With a regular option, you will find there’s specific waiting period before the trade contract could begin. You’ll also ought to wait for the payout date as this could be set for several days later.

Binary options trading are a lot different. An individual can take up a trade contract far more quickly and set this against an hour’s time. For example, a contract can start at 12 noon and end an hour later.

The profit to be attained will depend on what platform you chose. Regular option trade profit will hinge on the quantity of the asset traded. Binary option investors aren’t impacted by such price movements.

It is because contracts would depend entirely on whether or not the asset went up passed or fell below the original contract price.

Which one is the practical investment choice?

It really is determined by which kind of investor you are. You will find most people trading regular options because it allows them to apply their analytical skills. If you enjoy following the latest market updates, this one could be for you.

Binary option works best for those people who are not too worried about price movements or market behavior. Traders who engage in this don’t need to bother about the amounts they get. The trading approach here is simpler and a lot more direct. Investors are aware of the amount they’re getting when they enter a trade.

Still undecided about which investment to choose? Talk with seasoned investors or financial experts. They are the people who will be able to help you along the way. Studying each option can even help you figure out the best investment for your money. Read all you can on binary options trading. There are tons of success stories about those who made money using this kind of investment.

With the world becoming a volatile place, it’s easy to undestand why people choose binary options trading. They want to have as much eggs in their basket. Enjoying the rewards from this kind of trading allows you to have a fallback. This is ideal if you happen to get sick or fall into bankruptcy.


Mark Oberg has learned a lot regarding binary options trading and knows a business with plenty of experience in binary option.

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