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Do People Really Make Money Blogging?

Do People Really Make Money Blogging?

Making money blogging is one of the hottest topics online – a unique, highly competitive keyword in its own way. The following article will discuss this particular topics. However, there are several facts to keep in mind; yes, people do make money blogging and no, it isn’t easy, quick or a ‘remote control’ system.

In terms of the money a blogger earns, there are several points here. First of all, remember that the money earnt is not a lot for everybody – high earning, full time bloggers are few and separate. A new blogger will have to slowly and surely build a blog for some time to earn an amount of revenue that can be substantial – many bloggers earn less that 30 cents a day. Blogging is like any other job – think of it as an investment in time and money. It may pay well or it may not pay at all. But it wont result in riches overnight and you may well find out, bitterly, that the pay is just like any other job out their.

Here are some statistics from a survey on this issue from amongst a number of bloggers; 7% reported earning over $ 15,000 a month, 57% report earning less than $ 100 a month and 30% reported earning less than 30 cents a day. In short, 93% of bloggers are not earning much whereas only a unique 7% is earning a good amount of money. As such, this is quite clear that blogging for money isn’t easy. It is in fact quite hard and extremely competitive – it is a ‘business’ in which you are competing against a large number of individuals. Additionally, it is a business in which you are literally at the whims of search engines and a discipline that requires knowledge and skill of something in everything – technology, SEO, writing, editing, proof reading, marketing, publicity, branding and design to mention but a few. And that does not even include the niche of your blog.

As such, one of the most important rules of blogging is to be ‘realistic’; dream – dreams are useful as a source of motivation and inspiration. But make sure that you realize reality around you and as such make sure that you’re expectations are as such. Follow a step by step procedure with a solid, stable strategy. Make sure that you have a rundown of blogging and the various skills surrounding it first – as in educating yourself – before starting blogging. Be hardworking and follow a methodical approach. Set tasks for yourself and research your niche before venturing into it. Make sure that the niche you are covering is a niche you are well versed in.

You should also remember that you should stick with your job alongwith blogging  – this is a useful guarantee in case things go south. Don’t just leave your job and then start blogging particularly if you have a family to support. After you are successful in blogging and find that the revenue you are earning is more than substantial, you can leave your day job.

Additionally, have a long term plan and be patient – blogs take years to establish themselves as the ‘it’ in their niches. Furthermore, you should understand that revenue does not rely solely on the number of visitors – it depends on a number of factors.

In short, you can make money blogging and people do make money blogging but what is different is the amount of money made – only a tiny percentage of bloggers earn tons of money.


Live Forex Signals Auto Forex System Trading Scam – Can Auto Forex Robots Really Make Money?

Live Forex Signals Auto Forex System Trading Scam – Can Auto Forex Robots Really Make Money?

Cheap Forex robots are all over the Internet promising huge gains with no effort but professional traders would never use them. The reason of course is they don’t make the gains they claim and wipe out equity quickly. Let’s take a look at the reason they lose.

Get A Forex Robot That Is Capable Of Doubling Your Money Every Single Month…

Fully automated forex robot that anyone can put his hands on! See undeniable proof of automated income.. >> works fully automated while you sleep! >> Click here now >>

Every trader has one common goal; and that is to win trades and gain good profits from trading. These traders have been doing different techniques in trading to make sure that they will have a smooth sailing business and have good profits. Read and learn how to trade for more profits.

Here we will look at some simple tips which will help you achieve success trading currencies despite the fact that 95% of traders lose money. Currency trading made easy can become a reality if you follow the simple tips enclosed – so let’s take a look at them.

Is the Megadroid forex robot any better or worse than the others? If you are like me and still fairly new to forex trading you may well have looked into using a trading robot to help you get started.

One of the Forex robots in which traders are getting interested in is the Forex Megadroid. It is one of the successful robots today in terms of performance and user base. If you are new to the currency trading industry perhaps the following information will be helpful when choosing amongst the many robots available today.

There are so many available Forex Robot in the internet as of now; there are different kinds now and different set of applications that you can customize for your own trading strategies. So in turn from the so much available Forex Robot in the internet some people is now having difficulties in choosing the right Forex Robot for them; and with scams now that constantly looming to ruin your investments you would really have a hard a time in choosing the right one specially if you don’t have any honest reviews to guide you.

Who would not want to know about the truth of a certain product? You must have been looking for a reliable article that can give you the facts about IvyBot software. This automatic trading robot has received so much praise in the past few months. Many believed that this is the next big thing in the market. I was also intrigued by this so much commendations that I did my research about it.

Forex Performance Fap Turbo Review – Can You Really Make Money With This?

Forex Performance Fap Turbo Review – Can You Really Make Money With This?

Anybody who is in the forex trading business would like to know more about one of the most popular robots around; the Forex Megadroid. It is important that a trader knows how this robot works before actually entrusting the business to it. Read and know more about Forex Megadroid.

This Forex robot can be traded with ANY account size….BIG or SMALL.

Fully automated forex robot that anyone can put his hands on! See undeniable proof of automated income.. >> works fully automated while you sleep! >> Click here now >>

Every single advertised Forex robot is 100% scam. Find out why and the only way to make money in the foreign exchange markets.

If you are not quite sure about which forex trading robot to purchase than you must do some extensive research about the different forex trading softwares that are available in the market. Of course today you will find thousands of the forex trading robots which claim to be the best forex robots in the market but are they the best forex robots for your business? Normally all forex robots work like a magic but that doesn’t mean that they all are equally good for your business. You have to try each one out to see if they really work like the way you want them to work.

Many people are getting involved in Forex trading in order to earn more profits but they are exposed to foreign risk while trading. With the passage of time many people are getting aware of different automated software to double their money and also to minimize the risk.

The Forex Market is an on going cash market. Normally different currencies are traded here. People continuously buy and sell foreign currencies all around in the local and global markets. Traders earn profit due to increase or decrease in the value of currencies. The foreign market keeps in move through out. Hence it’s very difficult for an individual to monitor the changes in the market throughout the day. Different Forex trading software systems are designed specifically for this purpose. Forex MegaDroid is also one of them.

The Forex Supremacy software application is designed by Kumar an individual that did not always have a profitable investment practice at least not until he developed his own Forex trading system which is now identified as Forex Supremacy. Kumar is now sharing his powerful Forex trading secrets with savvy investors looking for the fastest way to draw in huge profits from foreign market investments. The trading software is used by its creator on a daily basis to rake in a significant and very comfortable income too.

You have probably found various advantages for entering into currency market and ways to earn money when browsing on the internet. However when it comes to foreign exchange trading compared to stocks and shares there also many risks involved.

Tsu Social Network Review – Can You Really Make Money?

New site rolled out and people are flocking from Facebook to this. ***JOIN FREE** **GET PAID** *Member’s Short Code: join4free *Join TSU:…

Dubalu Social Networking | Earn Money Online Time is money! The difference between Dubalu and other social networks is that we access to a business model more inclusive, value for value,…

Does Clickbank Pirate Really Work? A Review of Clickbank Pirate Money Making System

Does Clickbank Pirate Really Work? A Review of Clickbank Pirate Money Making System

One of the hottest new programs available to make money online is Clickbank Pirate – which certainly spawns the question of “Does Clickbank Pirate really work?” 

When Clickbank Pirate launched, I was anxious to get my hands on it to see what all the buzz was about. The pre-sale chatter was intense, so I knew the program had some serious financial backing on it.

When I received my package, I was pleased to see how simple the system seemed to be. The concept is right out of Marketing 101, and is centered on developing long term relationships with potential customers.

Here is what happens:

CBPirate gives you custom video squeeze pages that you send traffic too. These pages will capture the email lead, and then put the lead into a series of autoresponder messages that pre-sell the product. Most people realize that pre-selling and autoresponders are very powerful ways to increase conversions. Plus, the lead is now captured and can be sold too many times over. CB Pirate does all this work for you, all you do is supply the traffic to your squeeze pages.

However, there are two areas of concern.

First, generating traffic is not as easy as it sounds, and the program comes up a little short in explaining the finer details of traffic generation. Without traffic, the program simply will not work. If you are a good PPC affiliate, then this will benefit you tremendously. Those who are working off of bum marketing methods of traffic will struggle.

Second, you get 5 squeeze pages your first month to drive traffic too. However, 4 of these are in the make money online niche, which is very difficult to get in to. You will have to wait at least one month, maybe two or three, to get niches that are more lucrative and not as competitive as the make money niche.

In summary, Clickbank Pirate is a good system that most likely will work to make you money on autopilot if you are well versed in traffic generation. If you are not, then my advice is to pass on this product and learn the basics of online marketing and traffic generation first.

To see more details and in formation on my Clickbank Pirate Review at my blog here: Does Clickbank Pirate Really Work. While there, see what I recommend to use instead of Clickbank Pirate! Visit today:

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Marketing ClickBank – Can You Really Make Money?

Marketing ClickBank – Can You Really Make Money?

Marketing ClickBank. Is it really possible to make money??

I’ve been studying this for about the past month now and from my standpoint I feel that it is very possible to make some serious money marketing ClickBank. Through some of the research I have done I will share with you some of the great aspects about ClickBank and why you should start marketing on Clickbank as well.

First of all Marketing on ClickBank is entirely free!! You simply go to their website and create a free account and just like that you are set up to be an Affiliate Marketer. They have a whole host of products for you to sell so it doesn’t matter what you are into you are sure to find something that you are intersetd in and passionate about. All of the products on ClickBank are digital products so everything is designed to have the customer get instant gratification by downloading the product right now. Obviously in our society that is the way it is. Everyone wants instant gratification and that is what ClickBank products give them.

So now you’ve set up your free account. What do you do next?? You start selling. One of the best methods to get started is to write articles about a product that you have chosen to sell through ClickBank. Article Marketing is very common and many people use it to promote their product. So how does it work? Well there are a few steps to take.

1 First find out what product you want to market. It should be something that you have some type of knowledge of or experience with and something that you feel passionate about.

2) After your article is completed, you want to submit your article to the articles directories. Some of the main article directories are,,, & This is just a short list to get you started. There are tons of article directories out there to submit your articles too. You can also do a Google Search on Articles directories to find many more.

3) You want to draw people to your website through your article. Also include a link back to your website within your article.

4) Next you want to entice people to buy your product so you need to have some type of call to action in your article as well and this is where you place your link for the Product that you are promoting. If done right you could be making money in no time Marketing on ClickBank.

5) Affiliate Network marketing isn’t a get rich quick scheme by any means however if you stick with you can be successful.

Thank you again for reading my article. Please visit my website and see some of my other blogs at

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