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Passive Income From Real Estate – 5 Pros On Hot Location

Passive Income From Real Estate – 5 Pros On Hot Location

Real Estate is one of the avenues to earn passive income. Normally, people will buy flats or apartments for this purpose. Reason is that they are easier to be sold off in future. Condomium can also be a good choice but normally the monthly maintenance fee is high. Landed properties such as houses – detached and linked and bungalows are less liken by landlords as they are often difficult to be sold off when you need cash urgently.

Real Estate are owned for many reasons
– To live in
– To let it out ~ earning passive income monthly
– To be sold off either immediately or later
– To give as a present to children

One of the best criteria to earn passive income from owning a property is the LOCATION of the property. HOT LOCATIONS enables the property to be rented quickly and highly sought after. There will be a high tendency that the tenant will be continuous. Middle-class working group, matured and having two kids at most are the criteria sought after by landlords.


HOT LOCATIONs are the identified locations that have many people working near it, having good infrastructure connecting from one place to another. In Malaysia for instant, HOT LOCATIONs would be in Bangsar, Damansara and KLCC area.

1. The real estate is highly sought after by tenants
2. Landlord can choose good paymaster tenants among the many potential tenants
3. The infrastructure around the place is good
4. The types of people living in the area is from middle-class above whom are normally considerate people
5. High rental income leading to high passive income

1. The price of the real estate is expensive and not affordable by most people

I can only find one disadvantage of buying a property in a highly-sought-after place. It can be really good for us to give it a try. Educate yourself more in this area (buying properties) eg on how to buy a property with zero cost and how to get the best bank to work with you to reduce the rates. Learn as much as you can and you are working towards being a millionaire landlord.

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