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Capture and Add Some ?I Was There? Pictures on Social Networks

Capture and Add Some ?I Was There? Pictures on Social Networks

Flash camera is very necessary for people who want to take pictures of the places they visit.  Some of this picture can be called “I was there” because it shows that people really visited the area shown in the picture.  There are ways of taking beautiful pictures which will be discussed in detail in this article.

When taking pictures with flash camera it is first of all necessary to direct the camera to the “I was there” object.  A plane background should be used for the object so that it can be clearly seen.  This can be done by looking inside the camera viewfinder.  The object can be studied to determine the places surrounding the object.  There should be nothing that should cloud or overshadow the object in the background.

When taking “I was there” pictures outdoors with flash camera, flash should be turned on. If the object is within the range of 5ft, fill –flash mode should be used, if the range is more than 5ft then, full flash mode should be used.  The result can be displayed and checked on the panel of the camera if it is digital.  When the day is cloudy, the fill-flash mode should also be used so that the object can look bright.

To get a good result with flash camera, the object should be removed away from the centre of the picture.  It is better to position the picture at intersections of lines.  In order to avoid taking blurred pictures, there is need to lock the focus of with the object in the centre and then move it away from the centre.  The camera focus can be locked by positioning the object at the center, holding down the shutter button, changing the position of the camera to move the object away from the center and then taking the picture.

It is also good for people who want to take “I was there” pictures to have knowledge of their flash camera range.  People often miscalculate the range and end up taking pictures that are out of the flash range.  If the picture is taken out of the flash range, it will be very dark. The range of flash camera is written in the camera’s manual and should be studied to prevent mistake.  Alternatively, if there is no manual or the manual is misplaced, pictures can be taken at about ten feet away from the object.

The picture’s light is another very good thing to take note of in using flash camera.  The light can distort the look of any picture if it is not well adjusted.  It is good to move away from the object so that light can radiate around it to give a bright picture.  To take “I was there” landscape pictures, it is better to take it early in the morning or later in the day time.  At that time, the light would have changed to orange color and spread around the land.

It is better to use flash camera that is capable of producing beautiful “I was there” pictures that everyone will like to see. Share these high quality pictures with your friends on the social networking websites and add a new dimension to virtual networking.

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