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What next for social networking?

What next for social networking?

“What’s likely to be the next big noise in Social Networking?”

Vincent Haywood, Social Media Director, The Lounge Group
“Brand check-ins – with all the geo-location tools such as Gowalla and Foursqaure and now Facebook Places unlocking achievements. Users will eventually have product check-ins in the home via a simple app or automated process. (Things like) ‘Vincent has just added two Tate & Lyle sugars to his PG tips tea’ will let friends know what you are up to, update your Tesco shopping list, and order more shopping as you need it. It will also update your diet, give you nutritional data, and tell you you’re not losing weight because you’re eating crap. Mind you, ‘Vincent Has just used four sheets of Andrex’ may not be the best check-in to share.”

Rhett Glauser,
“The corporate world. Which will turn to social networking to deliver more effective IT service, interdepartmental collaboration and, most importantly, better customer service. The obstacle standing in the way is fear of change and the unknown. While conservative organisations put their heads in the sand and block employee access to tools like Facebook and Twitter, progressive businesses are already benefiting from embracing social networking by becoming social businesses. Be careful though, many businesses have tried to ‘do’ social, got it wrong, and ended up doing themselves more harm than good.”

Dominic Monkhouse, UK MD, PEER 1 Hosting
“Twitter, to me, is still sitting on the edge of its real potential in terms of immediate contact with customers. I am an avid advocate of great customer service and forever looking to improve our efforts in that area. Using Twitter as a means of instantly updating customers of service announcements, product updates and news relating to the services that we offer is a step in the right direction. When it is truly harnessed I think Twitter will genuinely become an everyday part of business life.”

James Coombes, Channel Sales Manager UK, G Data
“Cybercrime. As Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online social networking (SN) services boom, it can only be a matter of time before they attract more attention from virus writers and cybercriminals. 10% of malware is (already) spread through SN (with) a number of viruses having been designed specifically for

that purpose; most notably Koobface. By comparison only 1% of malware is spread through e-mail. Corporate espionage is also on the rise via SN sites as key company employees are identified from the personal information they volunteer online. A cybercriminal can befriend an employee with high-level workplace network rights and send that person spyware. Once a cybercriminal uses a stolen login and password to access a business account, they can steal business critical data. There are signs that this tactic was used in the Aurora attack on Google China. Given these twin risks we encourage all users to be extra vigilant when using social networks.”

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