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How to Make Money With ClickBank and MiniSites in 4 Easy Steps

How to Make Money With ClickBank and MiniSites in 4 Easy Steps

Marketing ClickBank or any other digital product is actually straight forward and fairly easy. Many people, especially the so called guru’s, want you to think there is some detailed, secretive plan that you must follow in order to succeed. They tell you this because they want you to follow their plan…..which of course you must pay for.

Folks, stop wasting your money! Listed below is everything you need to know to start your own Internet Marketing career and it will cost you next to nothing to get started and you can be up and running literally the first day

Now before we jump in head first let me warn you that there may be a small learning curve for some of you. You should be able to write between 450 and 1,000 words on any given topic and you should know….or know someone….that can do some light HTML (web design) work. For some people there is a slight struggle but believe me when I tell you that it gets a lot easier the more you do it and within no time you will be able to hang with the Internet Guru’s.

OK, so let’s get started….

Step 1: Find or pick a hot topic or trend – This step is actually a catch 22 for those just starting out. Let me explain…..researching and picking hot topics is pretty easy however, you and everyone else is trying to cash in on any given hot topic. This makes it more difficult to get noticed and drive traffic to your site. On the other hand you don’t want to spend too much time on topics no one is interested in.

My recommendation is do a little research and find a topic that interests you. Something you enjoy or feel passionate about will make it a lot easier to write about. You can find hot topics and trends at several places including Google Trends and on eBay.

If I can make one really big, really important point…..if you do nothing else make sure you do this…..put yourself in the position as the potential buyer. You have to think like the customer. In fact, think about when you are in the market for something.  You have a need or a problem that needs fixed and you are looking for a solution.  Your goal is to provide people with a solution to their problems… this and you will make good money.

Step 2: OK, so we have our topic. The next step is to pick a product you are going to offer to people as a solution to their problem. Head on over to and search for a digital product that accomplishes this.  For example, maybe you want to provide a solution to golfers that will help them stop slicing. Or maybe you are going to offer a report on the best car auctions across the country.

Note: If you don’t have a clickbank account it is free to sign up for one and only take a few minutes to get going.

Step 3: Good – so now we have a topic and we located a solution for that topic. Now we need to start promoting our solution…..this is where the fun comes in and where you need to get your creative writing going.  Here’s what you want to do

Head over to and build a “Lens” that discussed the topic and provides your solution. If you have never built a Lens before don’t worry it may seem overwhelming at first but it is actually quite simple and is nothing more than several paragraphs you put together. Make your Lens as informative as possible and of course make sure you provide a link to the clickbank product as a solution. Take your time building your Lens. You can save the Lens without publishing it and come back to it later. If it takes you a day or two that is fine, you want to make sure you provide the proper information.  
After your Lens is built and published you should now write a few articles roughly 350 to 450 words in length about the topic and of course the solution. The best article directory is but you can also use and a few others. Make sure you understand the rules of each article directory. Some allow you to place links in the body of the article while other do not.  When you do reference your solution (i.e. the clickbank product) make sure you point people back to your Lens and not directly to the clickbank product. This way you have several articles pointing to your one Lens.
Step 4: OK, things are starting to take off and you have a few sales. Up to now we haven’t spent a dime! How sweet is that! But in order to progress you need to take it to the next step – a MiniSite. 

A MiniSite or single-serving website is nothing more than a 1-page website. They are meant to be informative and provide potential customers with a solution to their problem right on the main page… need for your customer to wade through several pages to get to an order button. Everything is right there on the main page.

As simple as they are a MiniSite and associated eCover can be very difficult to make. The reason being is because they tend to be highly graphic in nature and they are designed to grab the visitor’s attention. Some of the best MiniSite and eCovers can be found at Best of all they also have the best pricing on the Internet. You can purchase one of their As-Is sites for just and a full-blown custom site will only cost you .