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Leveraging social networks and grow your business in the process

Leveraging social networks and grow your business in the process

Social Media Marketing is the most talked about business marketing platforms today. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Foursquare and others are the protagonists and it is difficult for business owners and marketing to see if and how they can get into the game. For many, the question is why, how.

The debate boils down to the Old World compared to the marketing of the new world. The industries of television and newspapers are showing diminishing returns, but some are still not changing direction. Some businesses are sticking to old methods and does not change accordingly. Marketing methods are constantly changing with new technology and social media marketing, in particular, is gaining the business world by storm.

Many companies realize this change and wants to be a social media campaign marketing immediately, however, there are certain questions that need to be answered initially. Social Media can help your company sell? Who is your customer? Are you B2B or B2C? What platforms are most appropriate? Do you know what each medium can and should be used?

Facebook has become a hotbed of Internet marketing, it has more members than any other option. Many vendors are missing the boat with Facebook as a marketing platform, and finally returns to pay-per-click ads and other tactics will not support the budget required. Facebook is a great tool, but must be used properly.

Facebook is the place for the community, not advertising. It is the place to build a house for his fans, where everyone has a voice. If you put together the right campaign, Facebook can be hugely rewarding for you and your customers. Think of all the data can be collected for listening! If you can build a place for people to come and encourage the commitment, giving away prizes, and give people a reason to be on your page, you will experience a positive return. If you just use the wall to launch a bid, you will decrease your performance and campaign on fire.

Twitter is the fastest growing platform for today’s social networks, and business benefits can be enormous. Twitter is great for directing traffic. Think of it as a gigantic news service points multiple directions of traffic based on impressions, conversions, etc..

You must have the complete package designed to take advantage indeed. Where to go traffic? Do you have an attractive website with a call to action? It’s a blog that flows relevant content that would be a perfect place to send the traffic? Do you have innovative products that people need to know? The principles of advertising apply the same old, we are all playing in a sandbox different.

LinkedIn and YouTube are means of social media that are growing rapidly, but for different reasons. LinkedIn recently surpassed 100 million members and network capabilities than any other platform like Facebook. LinkedIn may be the number one priority for your business, or may be less, depending on your industry. A real estate agent can find the best tool LinkedIn on the market in a shoe store it difficult to build a network of people. Implementation is everything.

YouTube has recently become the # 2 search engine behind Google. With this traffic and attention, it is easy to see how a video of your company creates can go viral and spread to the masses, although it is much easier said than done. The main reason for using YouTube is for SEO purposes. If done correctly, optimizing your videos short (30 seconds to 1 minute) can help increase your web presence. Think about the power of YouTube can be for you to drive traffic to videos that have posted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Now you can see the integration. Tumblr can help you deploy and optimize your blog, and Foursquare can promote their points of sale, offering participants offers and exclusive promotions! Facebook houses its community of fans who are thirsty to know more and make their voices heard. LinkedIn helps you network with other professionals and clients. Twitter may distribute the information and send traffic through links short. YouTube helps your website gain relevance and provides much of the material for your audience.

Strategic social marketing campaigns, direct web traffic and sales, promoting products or services and grow your presence and increase sales should be the goal and focus their marketing efforts in social media. At day’s end, a sale is made, and if your Internet marketing efforts are driving the sales line should probably let the professionals take a crack at it.

Leveraging Social Networks To Extend Your Blog

Leveraging Social Networks To Extend Your Blog
Leveraging Social Networks to Extend Your Blog

The advent of blogging as a popular mainstream activity signified a new trend in communication.
It is now possible for anyone to get her feet wet with self publishing, and free, open source solutions
like WordPress have played a large role in that. Traditional journalism has eyed blogs suspiciously,
considering them something only untrained, unvetted writers do. A cold war arose as the
traditional means for disseminating news and information shifted from the front page of the newspaper
to the home page of a Web site. Later, the same type of conflict developed between bloggers
and communications professionals.
When social networks like Facebook and Twitter emerged, the role of the blog changed again. For
some, blogging took a back burner to the means of instant communication, such as microblogs
and aggregation tools. For others, social networks gained importance, complementing blogging
and blogs.
Today, most blogs, traditional news sources, and public relations firms use social networks to extend
their reach. Blogs that dont have some kind of feature to share content across social networks are
perceived as isolationist and likely have seen a decrease in their traffic over the past few years. It is
considered imperative to have integration with social networks to extend the blogs reach.
WordPress, for its part, has many plugins that integrate some aspect of social media. A quick
search of the plugin repository shows almost 300 varieties of Twitter plugins and almost 100 varieties
of Facebook plugins.
It is important to know the technical implementations of social network integration on the growth
and sustainability of a blog, and equally important to have a good understanding of the marketing
benefits of these tools. Realistically, there are plugins that automatically send a tweet of a Post title
and URL every time you click Publish, but does this actually increase the blogs traffic and exposure?
As it turns out, less than you might think.


Facebook is an ever-evolving source of traffic. To many, its nothing more than a network to keep
friends and family involved in their lives. Others use it to share links from their blogs and provide
additional places for friends to comment or voice their approval.
Fan Pages on Facebook centralize and inform readers of new content. It also can serve as a nifty
replacement for e-mail marketing services, such as FeedBurner. Facebook simply enables people to
join a group or leave a group and, in doing so, replaces the e-mail delivery and opt-in requirements
needed to avoid spam.
WordPress provides many options for Facebook integration, all in the form of plugins. You can use
some or all of them to extend the blog to one of the largest social networks.
You need to understand that social Media is a process. Also Internet is ever changing so is social Media. What works today may not work tomorrow. Social Media is beneficial if you are sharing information with the end user. Always remember, in every internet strategy, Content is the king. If you have your content in place rest everything is not a rocket science. All you need is to interact with your user, voice their opinions and feedback, give them a reason to follow you or be a part of your community or page and get sticked to it, add relevant content regularly and at the same time.
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