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Facebook: the world leader in online advertising and how to use it

Facebook: the world leader in online advertising and how to use it

Social websites and cultural web pages have become the convention spot of the rich and famous as well as the not too rich and famous. Facebook is reputed to possess beyond 55 million people and a lot of these are businesses directed at an intrigued projected audience. Having said that, getting the word out and becoming linked to that crowd is not as hassle-free as subscribing to a merchant account and quickly getting a thousand admirers, at least not for all several made our minds up to pass up the long road and get Facebook fans.

Celebrities perhaps contain the most basic time gaining fans on Facebook mainly because their names and faces seem to be branded however even they have a little help in some instances. Marketers and political figures will need to work a lot harder to gather up fans that are interested in their messages, solutions and suggestions. Even so once those fans are theirs, there aren’t many more zeroed in on people.

The users on Facebook are from everywhere, all age groups, all of the work with an amazing variety of desires and likes and dislikes. Working with Facebook makes it possible for a business to attach together with the people that keep asking about them and add to the public’s understanding of their brand and their services. To carry out this though, the firm must have page views, that are also known as fans and some businesses are deciding to skip over the long escalation procedure and get likes and fans.

In combination with brand awareness a Facebook profile enable you to advertise exclusive sales, broadcast new items or help the company image. Facebook is simply beginning to be named a robust potential market place. The only trick to Facebook is getting seen and collecting supporters.

You can find marketing services, that can offer specific interested fans or likes. These are typically people whose interests match those of the business or business field you represent. However, it does little good to acquire fans that are not excited about the marketplace sector you promote therefore it is imperative that you ensure that the service offers targeted fans.

While Facebook fans can be built up the hard way it takes time and effort. Many busy businessmen choose instead to buy fans and use the time saved to focus upon their business. It may not be the answer for everyone but has worked for many businesses.

However, while doing all this, you need to be aware of the fact that customers have an equal say and have the ability to respond immediately to any of your actions with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Availing the service of a social media consultant to work out a social media strategy may be required so that your efforts will not be in vain.

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Facebook Plans To Open Messenger To Publishers At F8 In April

Facebook Plans To Open Messenger To Publishers At F8 In April
Mobile messaging apps are usurping social networks as the shiny new platform through which publishers can distribute their content. Now Facebook is looking to join the fray with its own uber-popular messaging app. Facebook Messenger will soon let …

It’s 2016: Are House and Techno Thriving or Stagnating?
Much of the dance music that grabs the headlines is derived from house and techno yet removes them from their original contexts: house as a safe space for young, gay, communities of color in which to self-create a more inclusive world; and techno’s …


Making Big Money With Your Facebook

Making Big Money With Your Facebook

One of the best network in the world is Facebook which is a social networking service that lets you connect with friends, and others. Many use it as a way to stay in touch after finishing school and meeting daily communication need as a way to share their life publicity.

What make Facebook different from other social networks, development platform, and its large and quickly growing user base. Facebook has been called the ‘thinking smart person’s’ social network. Compared to other social networks. Facebook gets new features and improvements on a regular basis.

open an ACCOUNT

Facebook, like other social networks, is about getting in touch with others. Luckily for novice users Facebook has create some simple ways to find your friends using just your e-mail address, or the buddy list from your AOL/Yahoo instant messaging account. You can also do a search by name, or pull up listing based on your computer’s address book. Since everyone need an email address to sign up with Facebook, giving Facebook permission to use your existing address books should make it possible to track down everyone you communicate with.


1. ADD FRIEND: Facebook allow you to add friends to your network. You can search for a specific interest, group, location etc. by using the search button on the top right of your Facebook profile. The newly friend you have added need to accept you as friend, since it is a social network, there are always people on the website to accept you immediately.

After the acceptance, you need to send a brief ‘thank you’ note to them for accepting you as a friend. this is where the marketing start from.

2. A NOTE: Posting a note on your Facebook account is one way to distribute information to all your friend, or a selected group of friends at once. It is a simple feature to use and can be a very beneficial tool to those who have information to distribute to a lot of peoples all at once. While writing the note about anything, have this in mind; you on Facebook to market. I will advise you to always write about your product or services or something related.

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Quickerbuy Store Facebook App Simplifies Shopping on Social Networks

Quickerbuy Store Facebook App Simplifies Shopping on Social Networks

Quickerbuy store App formally launches weeks ago, simplifying shopping on the one of the biggest social networks around the world.

“Most sellers on Quickerbuy are small to medium business suppliers and many of them lack the knowledge on how to use Facebook effectively. The target of Quickerbuy Store App is to offer ease for those people to make the utmost of one of the biggest global social networks.” Said Jane, Quickerbuy Marketing Director.

Quickerbuy store app is essentially an extensive directory of all stores on Quickerbuy, with sellers ranging from whole video game suppliers to handmade apparels providers. Once a seller installs the app, he/she could access to the app from the existing Facebook fan page. The app allows Facebook shoppers the capability to “share” and “spread” products with their friends and family members.

F-commerce plays an important role in boosting ecommerce revenues

According to insiders from Quickerbuy, installing Quickerbuy store is totally free, for now and for afterwards. It is developed by Quickerbuy Technical department. The team is led by veteran computer technology talents, who have been worked in society for over 10 years.

Gregory White, an exclusive handmade apparels supplier who offer handmade dresses, skirts, blouses, skirts with different styles. He said he enjoys the fact that Facebook users could make a purchase without navigating away from his fan page. He tells that he never needs to worry that he would lose certain number of potential buyers as they could directly buy his products from his Facebook.

“Quickerbuy Store is very easy to set up and manage. I am no techie. I finish the installation within minutes,” said Gregory.

Gregory said he has noticed about a 25 percent increase in sales since his Shopping Mall launched.

“We intend to make the Shopping Mall to be a place where people could easily find elite products at great prices from small to medium suppliers. Facebook’s viral nature could help businessmen to spread their products. We want Facebook users to share the products with their friends, colleagues or family members. Online shopping needs to get social for better development,” said Jane.

Ecommerce has been in booming development since 2009. It simplifies trade process for small to medium business suppliers as well as allows an easy access for buyers to great products at better prices. It sets the stage for social shopping experience to take off.

Linda has been in marketing area for over 10 years. Now, she works in a marketing department in a company in Shanghai, China to promote their products including small electronics, gadgets, apparels & accessories, health & beauty, iPad accessories, video game accessories, computers & networking, etc.

How Not to Make Money on Facebook and Other Social Media Sites

How Not to Make Money on Facebook and Other Social Media Sites

Selling to everyone early and often without building a relationship is a basic mistake a lot of people do both offline and online! You’ll recognize it right away once you start using Social Networking sites consistently, but you also see it at networking events. Basically many people get on these social networks, and start sending direct sales messages on a constant basis to everyone they can reach.


It’s really annoying to meet someone on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and the first thing you get is a reply with a SALES MESSAGE! That is spam, folks, and NO one likes it. The worst part is that your spamming is documented online, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll develop an online reputation for it. That could really trash your image, and that’s a mistake you don’t want to make.


Let’s put it another way. One of my favorite course instructors in this area, says, “If you wouldn’t do it offline, don’t do it online.” So let’s talk OFFLINE FOR A MINUTE. How would you feel about a person you met at a networking event who replied, “Hi, Nice to meet you. I’m selling prepaid Phone Cards. Would you like to buy one?” Not real good, right? The better approach is to say, “Nice to meet you,” and talk about something that both can connect on. Then you swap cards and keep in touch and develop the relationship. Maybe you get invited to a holiday party, or a baseball game, and during that conversation you connect enough that you ask each other about business. That’s where the lead may or may not come in. But it has to be natural. That’s called developing the relationship.


Now let’s go back online to a social network, like LinkedIn or Facebook. If you connect with someone and right away they send you the sales pitch, they’re going to alienate you right away. And of course if you do it, you’ll alienate them! So the best approach is to take it slow and develop the relationship. Answer their questions, make positive comments about their profile or business. There’s lots of ways to do it but the important thing to learn now is to avoid this important mistake. Don’t sell nonstop to everyone you meet!


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Make Money on social network sites like facebook and twitter

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How To Make Money On Facebook Apps

How To Make Money On Facebook Apps
Affiliate marketing is an idea that industry lives out to recompense member or clientele for their scratch pains to fetch in more customers.

A member could be in the manifestation of a subscriber, visitor, or sale. link marketing is a chance for merchants to advertise their products without shelling out big bucks. For collaborator, as glowing, stick together with sales is a trouble-free opportunity to make money online. Connect marketing can be done through a diversity of scheme and the one that is catching on with online marketers is to build Facebook apps to get more affiliates.

Facebook Apps: What ways to earn money

you aim at marketing your products in a certain market on Facebook, you need to build Facebook apps for it. Through your Facebook apps, you can affiliate yourself on other applications or user profiles.

There is a variety of applications on Facebook that enable users to play games, check their IQ or pretend to be a virtual fighter.

Applications are a valuable medium for businesses to advertise their products and cater to the vast Facebook user base.

at whatever time a user logs in to use any of these applications, the right side of the page gets loaded with advertisements.

a) Sell your Tunes through facebook apps:

The cool think about this app is the fact that you can help your favorite band or singer to sell their music while you make money, as well as helping them to gain more exposure.

b) Bring Products to Garage sale

Garage Sale automatically bills the buyers credit card and lets you when to ship the item. Your money is deposited directly into your Pay Pal account, or you can request payment by check.

c) Make a free store

Simply add a free store to your Facebook and sell anything you like. Another easy way to make money on Facebook.

d) Sell your music on Facebook

If you are an artist, FlameTunes enables you to sell your music on your Facebook. You can also use it to sell music on myspace.

e) Bring your product to Facebook stand

This app allows you to use the same concept, combining commerce and community, and have a lemonade stand in a digital (Facebook) neighborhood. Basically you add what you want to sell to a lemonade stand, and put it on your
Facebook. Its free and easy.

f) Make money via referral marketing

A Facebook user can earn points, rewards or cash by making a purchase through an advertisement and by referring friends. Compensation may be rewarded on pay per click, impression, lead, sale or a combination of these. The more affiliates a customer brings in for an application, greater will be the revenues they can give.

How to make money on your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts | How To Make Money Online

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How Social Networks Make Money – A Tour Of Facebook’s Ad Management System.
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How to Make Money using Facebook, Myspace, & other Social Networking sites w/No Investment Required!

From No Catch, No hook, & No investment! Just a free way to save and make money using the power of social networking sites & this…
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