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Practical Article Marketing Tips – Discover the Power of Social Networks and Article Marketing

Practical Article Marketing Tips – Discover the Power of Social Networks and Article Marketing

Have you discovered the power of Article Marketing and Social Networking? Read on to learn how you can implement this powerful combination in your online business.


So what the heck is this strange word “auto-tweet?” This is when you set up your EzineArticles account so every time a new article is published, an announcement is automatically sent to Twitter. Your Twitter account announces to the followers that you have on Twitter that a new article is out. It generates more traffic, and it’s more traffic than you can believe.

This one action that you set up just once (you don’t have to set this up every time you submit an article) automatically results in three things:

1. More traffic – Now you are not just reaching the 15 million plus unique monthly visitors to EzineArticles, you are accessing all the people who follow you on Twitter. And when your followers “re-tweet” (re-publish) your article announcements, you are now accessing all of their followers as well. This dramatically increases your traffic.

2. A “Traffic Triangle” – When you also set up your Facebook account to display every message you put on Twitter, now you’ve got this triangle that works for you automatically. You get a published article at EzineArticles. It’s automatically auto-tweeted to Twitter. Then it’s automatically sent from Twitter to Facebook. Boom! You’re reaching three audiences and extending your reach with one action.

3. You have a greater reach – Now you reach more people. You do these two things right here, folks, consistently day after day after day like I do and like my successful students do, and you’re going to get more traffic. At first glance it looks like you have tripled your traffic. The fact is you have done much more than that as other people’s list members, friends and followers are now exposed to your information, your are reaching people you would not have been otherwise able to reach.

And now I would like to invite you to claim your FREE Instant Access to 2 of my Instant Article Creation Templates when you visit

Discover How to Earn Money Online Rapidly

Discover How to Earn Money Online Rapidly

Recession has taken its toll and many people today want to earn some legitimate income by doing some home based business via internet. There are plenty of ways to earn money online. One such way is with the help of direct sales companies. In fact, these companies help thousands of people to earn smart income. The top representative of such companies earns six or seven figures per year. It is very easy to get into such businesses and it does not require special skills or hard work.

It is important to select the right direct sale company in order to succeed. It is wise to choose a great company offering great products. Some direct sales companies offer outstanding products that are actually required by people. You are therefore able to sell them easily.

Automation is important to online success:

You also need a reliable system that helps you earn money online with little efforts. It is important to have a system in place to remove human errors and poor communication effects. Once these problems are eliminated, the system sells for you, trains your prospects and automates your business for you. People who fail in the internet business do all the selling and training by themselves with no automation. Hence, getting a system that communicates for you enables you earn money online.

The best way in direct sales is to set up your website. It needs to be simple and informative. You need to provide essential information about your product and contact details. For selling the products or service in order to earn money online, you need a professional designed Search engine friendly website. This helps you find customers 24 hours a day. In traditional direct selling businesses, you need to work hard to get customers. However, the internet makes it easy since you can gain more and more customers from all over the world.

The training offered by direct sales company is also vital. Some companies offer training to learn the proven techniques and strategies. Some companies do not provide sufficient training. Some may give small brochure as training material. Selling products in the internet without enough training makes the process really difficult. Hence, you need to ensure that the company you wish to join offers a level of training that makes you feel comfortable. True mentor ship and guidance can help you succeed faster without any difficulty.

Some of the successful free lead generation tactics include email marketing, forum posting, article marketing etc. There are some paid lead generation tactics also that include pay per click campaign, ezine ads and so on. Lead generation works for the success of your home business in the internet. Set up of an effective marketing campaign is very important to earn money online. You need to do some research to find out the suitable marketing campaign for your home business online.

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