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Diana Clement: Bitcoin – Virtual gold or junk?

Diana Clement: Bitcoin – Virtual gold or junk?
Investors make money by buying bitcoins at one price and reselling when the market rises and converting their gains into real-world money. It's standard foreign exchange trading, just based on a virtual currency. Bitcoins started out worth US$ 13 each …
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Bitcoin Outlook- August 19, 2014
The price action saw the digital currency move by close to $ 100 dollars and recover most of losses by the end of trading yesterday. Yesterday it also saw the breach of the all important zone at $ 478 which might have triggered stop losses. The BTC/USD …

Updated Pound To Dollar, Euro, Aus + NZ + Canadian Dollar – GBP EUR USD
The British Sterling (GBP) rebounded on Monday as the market bought back in on a Pound that was undervalued on the foreign exchange rate markets and way off recent best 2014 rates. The losses incurred during the last week of trading by the British …
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