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Make Money Working For Google – Working With Google AdSense

Make Money Working For Google – Working With Google AdSense

Make Money Working For Google

If you are new to the online business world and are looking for a way to monetize (make money) from the traffic you are receiving to your website or blog one of the most common ways is using Googles AdSense program. How Google AdSense works is Google will place ads for other websites on your web presence and each time one of your visitors clicks on the ad you will be paid a percentage of what the advertiser pays. The amount of money per click will depend on the competition of the keywords which the ads see on your website. There is no need to tell Google what type of website you have because they have the technology to read your website and place appropriate ads. This works out especially well if you have a blog because rather than trying to find products that fit each blog post you can place Google AdSense and it will display ads directly targeted toward the traffic reading the blog post. AdSense also works well if you own a user oriented website such as a forum or article directory. AdSense will be able to read and understand the post or article and place ads which represent it. Make Money Working For Google

The first thing you need to do if you are interested in beginning to make money with Google AdSense is start an account with them. To do this head over to make sure to follow all the directions. You will need to input your social security number which I know for some is somewhat worrying, but what I have found is every major company that pays us webmasters will require your social security number. This is one reason that you should always do research on any company that you are thinking about working for. There are some you really don’t have to worry about one being Google of course. A couple others I really didn’t need to do too much research on was click bank and amazon associates. Both of these I trusted because since I have been online doing business they have been around which is one of the biggest signs a company is legit. Now after your account is set up and all your information has been inputted the next step is to create an ad to place on your web presence. Try to use flattering colors and keep the size of the ad reasonable. Make Money Working For Google

There are some rules for AdSense which can either ban you or not let the ads appear. Google actually cares about the types of websites that their ads appear on. A few types of websites that will disqualify your use of Google AdSense include get paid to, violent, sex, drugs, illegal, swearing, and a few more. A good rule of thumb is if a teenager should not be allowed to view your website then AdSense will probably not be allowed. Another reason people will get shut down is if they click their own ads. Google can tell when you click on your ads and if it becomes a persistent problem you will be banned and the money you earned cleared from your account. The last rule I would like to cover is paying people to click on ads or even asking your traffic to click on ads. If you find that you are not making much with Google AdSense the best way to increase earnings is internet marketing rather than trying to fool the program. Take time to learn all the rules of AdSense before you begin using the program. It is possible to make a lot of money if you work hard on your website. Make Money Working For Google

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