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Passive Internet Income – The Reality of an Average Person Creating a Passive Internet Income

Passive Internet Income – The Reality of an Average Person Creating a Passive Internet Income

The definition of “passive” as relating to “passive internet income” is: 1) inactive, but acted upon, 2) offering no resistance, submissive.

The “act” being your initial work and the “inactive” and the “offering no resistance” being the continuing results from that work.

Another way to say it is “Do something once, get paid twice.”

In the case of passive internet income, you receive income from work that you have done in the past.
You are no longer trading one hour of time for a dollar amount or one year of time (salary) for a dollar amount.

Traditionally, with owning a brick and mortar business, the high cost of purchasing or starting a business is deemed too great a risk for the average person. That along with all of the extra time and effort required to get the business profitable and stable hinders most people from even thinking about starting their own business.

The internet has changed nearly everything about business and has opened up opportunities that were not available even a few years ago.

The average person now has a realistic chance of creating a passive internet income within a few short years!

The internet is still something vast and complicated so many people’s main concern about starting an internet business, especially something that will produce a passive income, is ” What If I Don’t Know Anything?”

Here we need to be realistic!

We all have to learn things when we start a new job, have a child, learn how to drive a car or how to tie a shoe!

Learning never really ends in our lifetime and that’s a great thing.

We start a new job, and even if we have the same job title, there are many things that we must adjust to. There are new people, new computer programs, new processes, new health insurance, new co-workers, new bosses, new job descriptions…the question is are you really thinking about a passive internet income as if you are starting another job?

Or are you thinking that it should be simple and easy to immediately make a passive internet income by just showing up?

Being open to learning new things is vital when choosing to create your passive internet income.

I’ve been very interested in learning all I can about the internet and all of the possibilities it offers to the average person.