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How to Advertise on Forums For Free and Build a Passive Income Online!

How to Advertise on Forums For Free and Build a Passive Income Online!

Okay, so you have no money whatsoever, and you want to get into Affiliate Marketing? The great thing about the internet is that it allows you to share information with anyone in the world, for free. Who cares about information you say? Advertisement is information. You are simply giving people the information so that they know where to buy something that they need.

Where do you currently share information online? Are you a member of any forums? Do those forums allow you to have a signature? If you don’t know what a signature is, then go onto a forum, and check out the text/picture that displays after each users posts. Those are prime advertisement real estate, especially if you are a respected poster on a forum already.

Forums allow you to easily promote generic products on sites that you already are a member of, and already posting on. Making Money is probably a very good example of a generic product. Something that anyone would want to buy, regardless of what they are interesting in. If you just simply added a signature like “This Website Taught Me How To Make 6 Figures Every Year Online. God, It Was So Simple!” Simply include your affiliate link (domain forwarding and masking of course) and post away as normal. Don’t even mention your signature. Allow people reading your posts to get drawn in. You could very easily start making money (decent money if you are a respected member of the forum) just by posting in forums as you already are.

If you aren’t a member of any forums, pick a hobby you enjoy and join a forum based around that. Build up a good post count, and NEVER talk about what you are selling. People will click on it, purely from curiosity. If the product you are promoting has a decent landing page, let it convert for you, otherwise have your link lead to your own landing page where you review the product, pre-sell the prospect, and then link to their site.

Forum Marketing by itself isn’t going to lead to job killing incomes, but it’s a good start. I have plenty of other articles for you to read after you get your feet wet. Just get started, and you are already ahead of 99% of the rest of the population who settle on their job for their sole source of income.

To your success.

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