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2011-2012-Money Making Tips with Social Network Marketing

2011-2012-Money Making Tips with Social Network Marketing

Logging on to Facebook and tweeting about the latest happenings on Twitter is a part of the daily to-do activities for many. With more and more people joining social networking sites every day, and in huge numbers, social networking offers a huge potential to create a connection with the people at a much more personal level when it comes to marketing. And the usage of social networking sites for marketing and earning has moved on to a whole new level. One thing is for sure, that social media has completely revolutionized the way companies/brands are forming their marketing strategies.

With so much of action happening out there already, it naturally makes sense to look at social media as a means of earning revenue, or if you are a company/brand, to decide on your marketing plans to gain more targeted customers for your product. And with the number of social media networks out there in plenty and growing at fast rate, it isn’t that challenging too to begin with. Here I share a couple of insights on earning money through social media network marketing

With 750 million users as in July 2011, Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest among the social networking sites right now. And with the Facebook Ads tool, one can be make sure that the ads on the internet are well targeted and reach the right demography of the users for whom it is made for. Building a well formed marketing plan around this highly targeted marketing system ensures a good response from the consumers and thus the success of the campaign and the brand. With tools like Facebook Places, restaurants and hotels can run an entire marketing plan around the option of ‘checking-in’, wherein the customers are rewarded for coming back again and again and also get great deals for doing so. The whole point in it being the free advertising of your place to the people the customers are connected to whenever they ‘check-in’.

With Twitter however, it pays to be subtle when it comes to talking about your brand/product. It happens to be the exact place you want to be in to know the opinions people at the particular instant of time. Just one well-put together tweet is all it takes to go viral and get a good response to it. And when people find a tweet from a person they are following about a particular product/brand, they would be more interested in checking out that as it comes out from someone whom they trust in rather than through the standard advertising means.

On a whole, social media networking offers a doubles up as a good source for marketing to a well informed targeted audience and at the same time generate a good response. With plenty of social media sites out there already and steadily growing, it won’t be long before everyone around the world can be found with an account on such sites. As of today, highly effective marketing campaigns have often been those that use social media networking to its maximum extent possible. So it makes sense to keep a track of the changing trends and develop a well-paced marketing strategy around social media to achieve high conversion rates. And with the outreach of social media growing day-to-day, it will pay to do the same for a long time to go. Get Signed Up Today and Start Earning As Soon As Tomorrow! Welcome To Leafit…. We have a lot to offer! • Meet the SWO: receive real time website ratings and reviews…
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