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Social networks scam

Social networks scam

Why do we use social networks? It seems in modern world there are so many way to spend time :cafes, restaurants, traveling, extreme sports, meeting friends, working, dancing, a more. But still coming back home the first thing we do is opening social network web page. Why they are so important for us? The answer is simple – lack of communication. It just seems that we are communicating all the time, in fact we almost don’t do it. We are so busy, that it is difficult to find a moment and meet all together and talk about something. We use high technologies and can’t imagine our lives without them. Can you remember when you last printed your photography? We don’t need to do it, because they are stores in computer and we can watch them any moment. But it is difficult to show them to other people. We use social networks to do it.

When you come after vacation, the first thing you usually do is updating your Facebook page and Twitter. You want to share your experience, post new photos and expect to receive comments. This is our life. As for me, sad enough. But it isn’t the main problem. Scam is what we should be worried about. Yes, scam managed to get even to this sphere of communication. We can lose information, money and even reputation because of social networks. You see, we trust too much personal information to the Internet. And it is important to learn more about social networking scams and how to protect ourselves.

Downloading malware. Today all social networks offer to use special applications that allow to use additional functions and make general appearance more attractive. Downloading them, you can download spyware, malware, Trojans, and viruses. The worst thing is that these viruses become to resend themselves to everyone in your contact list. The main feature of social networks is trust and nobody expects to get virus from person he knows. In order to protect yourself, it is better to keep updated your Internet security software and downloading files from other user, make sure it was him who sent it to you.
False identity. It is very easy to set up a new account in a social network and nobody check if it is really you. Some people use it for personal anonymous, but scammers use such accounts to make pony friends leading them to face-to-face meetings with who knows what consequences, or sending invitations to adult sited. The only thing you can do to protect yourself is to check everyone who offers you to accept a friendship and never trust everyone.
Identity theft. When scammer brakes your page, he gets access to your personal information as your age/birthdate, your location, phone number, email address, maybe your job and family details. They can use it for criminal actions. Also you and your friends may receive massage offering to visit another page. When you go there, you are asked to login again and the scammer receives your password and login name (that can be used for another sources by the way). To protect yourself try to limit personal information you provide in the Internet and beware of following unknown links.

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