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Smart Social Networking

Smart Social Networking

Social networking – everyone is doing it but are we doing it right? Nowadays businesses are spending big bucks on improving their brand awareness and this means they are joining their teenage children on all the big social sites!

It seems even the big businesses are having to succumb to the huge advertising boards that are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to mention a few. No one can afford to ignore the reach of social media.

So how do we control what is being written about our business? Social media is a public forum so once it’s out there you have to remember there is no going back.

It is not just your business pages that have to be monitored; one of the biggest concerns is naive employee’s posting comments on their social pages about your business.

A social media policy needs to be flexible but clear for all your employees. An outright ban on social media sites will not work; almost all of us have access to a smart phone with all these apps under our nose. Don’t dictate but discuss!  

Set your brand and stick to it; this way you will be recognisable and stand out from other similar companies. Talk to your employees, novel idea, but by discussing the dangers of social networking as well as the advantages you may open up a forum of ideas that could benefit you and your business.

Open discussions are less condescending than an email telling you what your employees can and can’t say or do in their spare time.

 We have to remember there will always be a small minority of people who will do something silly no matter what you say, honesty and trust is crucial in your relationship with your employees.

Always remember what you are trying to achieve by your social networking; think about your audience and what they want to see.

What about blogging? Blogging seems to be the path to enlightenment these days or certainly to a spot in Google’s good books. Make sure the content is fresh and interesting. Think quality not just quantity! Articles should reflect what your business is about and offer something of interest to the reader whether this is advice or just an informative view on your business. 

Think about what your clients are searching for and write about it! Don’t use obscure titles, it may seem clever but your potential audience won’t find you! They are going to search using key words so make sure you include them in your article and title.

Ask questions and involve your reader in a discussion, this makes the experience more individual and draws them in. Remember the better the article the more likely people will share your link driving traffic to your website and potentially improving your customer base!

Working in HR we have to be very aware of Social Media and it’s pitfalls but we also need to remember what a great tool this can be. I try to make my HR Blog personal whilst passing on useful HR information, hope you enjoy it. Let me know if there are other topics you would be interested in, I would love to hear from you.

My name is Arlene Frater and I work as an office manager for Simple HR.

Working with people is challenging and often confusing. What is always clear though is that everyone has something to offer we just have to be willing to look and listen.

I love the challenges that my work brings each day. People have some crazy quirks and it is a pleasure to work through these issues together and bring some sanity to the chaos!

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