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Lastest Make Money In Social Networks News

How 3 Ordinary Americans Are Getting Paid for Their Social Media Posts
According to internet analyst Colin Sebastian, "The vast majority of their $ 2.2 billion operating income is from selling ads targeted to user news feeds." Imagine if you could share in some of that money making madness. A new social media upstart …
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Nextdoor Social Network Digs Deep Into Neighborhoods
That is different from other networks, including Facebook, which primarily makes money by showing users ads tailored to their personal profiles, or Twitter, which offers interest-based advertisements. Both networks place ads inside a person's content …
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Is Social Media Actually Helping Your Company's Bottom Line?
Since 2008, according to a McKinsey study, companies have devoted more time and money to social networks and 20% less to e-mail communications. … Companies that “get” social media should be “relentless givers [who] connect instead of promote.
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