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How to make Money On Twitter

How to make Money On Twitter

Anyone who uses Twitter on a regular basic want to earn money on Twitter. Many people have benefit as they spent their time on Twitter.



Many companies  are increasingly turning to Twitter to reach the social media audience and because of this, it is actually possible to make some money using Twitter. Not only do Twitter users make money through microblogging, business owners are also learning how to monetize Twitter to increase company revenue.



Strategies on How to Monetize Twitter



* Sponsored Tweets: A new trend that has arisen is company advertisers starting to use a service called “Sponsored Tweets” which allows these companies to connect with microblogging services that will tweets ads for them. If you are a small to medium-sized business, this is a great service to use for finding microbloggers who will tweet your promotions. If you’re a regular Twitter user, then you would have developed a sizeable amount of followers, and this means that you can use Sponsored Tweets to make money with microblogging.



Recently a company called IZEA made its name with a microblogging service called PayPerPost which provides a Sponsored Tweets program that connects companies with microbloggers. Despite the fact you can make money as a company or microblogger, the downside is that it has spurred a lot of controversy and concern over the fact that Twitter users may have to sift through many promotions to reach the information they seek.



* HootSuite and Google Adsense: HootSuite is a third party Twitter application that provides a way for Twitter users and companies to manage their brands on Twitter. The application released a few months ago and helps companies to track conversations online with multiple users managing the application.



HootSuite can also be used to make money using your tweets by incorporating Google AdSense in your tweets with outgoing links. In return the user has to share the tweets with outgoing links with HootSuite. For example, let us say six people clicked on your tweet. If they click on your Adsense ad 6 times, three of those clicks will belong to HootSuite.



* EasyTweets and Subscriptions: EasyTweets provides a way for you to manage more than one Twitter account and also makes monetizing Twitter a lot easier. Due to the fact that it has a good account managing capability, a large amount of Twitter users currently use it to charge a subscription to their messages on Twitter. If you offer highly valuable and timely information such as specific news or online deals, you can charge a monthly subscription for access to your tweets. EasyTweets makes it possible to administer various accounts with various subscriptions to your tweets.



It must be remembered that these are only a couple of strategies that Twitter users can use to monetize Twitter. There are other ways that companies and Twitter users are actively using to create extra income on Twitter. With a bit of research, you can easily find other methods to monetize Twitter.



Martin Sejas is the author and main writer of Twitter Tips Central, a blog dedicated to providing the latest and best Twitter tips to improve user productivity and efficiency on Twitter.

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