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How To Earn Money in Forex Market

How To Earn Money in Forex Market

How to Earn Money in Forex Market

Trading in the Forex currency market is an interesting and exciting activities. Not alone can not bring such a thing of joy and pride of themselves as the financial markets earned money. Trader, who earns money steadily from month to month, is quite rightly a symbol of the success of our time. How can it serve?Read the examples below, and try to earn money by opening a free demo account .

Consider the specific example of how one can earn the currency pair EUR / USD (euro / dollar) exchange rate change by passing a lotiga transaction.

Suppose that the current quote is 1.2379. You predicted a technical and / or fundamental analysis, the subsequent appreciation of the euro and bought dollars for euros in order to sell them below market price. The currency pair EUR / USD daily exchange rate fluctuations are usually 80 to 120 points. If your forecast is correct, then you can position a couple of days after the closing quote 1.2545.

The transaction looks as follows:

opening the position you buy, and sell 100,000 EUR 1.2379 * 100.000 = 123 790 USD

closing the position you’re selling 100,000 EUR and buy 1.2545 * 100.000 = 125 450 USD.

Overall, the transaction was able to serve 125,450 to 123,790 = 1 660 USD

In order to make money in forex currency market stable, is hardly necessary to sit behind a computer for hours on end. For example, the current price of 1.2560 euro can conclude that reaching the 1.2605 price level begins with a rapid increase in the level of 1.2850. Then you can place limit buy order to the euro, which operates automatically, without any price level of 1.2605, your additional user and Take Profit Order, which closes the lucrative position of reaching the 1.2850 level, as well as your side without any additional order.

Do not forget that the revenue can not only ascending but also lowering the rate!To this end, it is sufficient to declining sales and currency exchange rate following the return of his purchase at a lower price.

Consider the following examples.

Current price of the English pound against the dollar (GBPUSD) is 1.9400. You expect that drops to 1.9000 pounds (usually within a week to capture any such variation).

The transaction looks as follows:

opening the position you’re selling and buying 70,000 GBP 1.9400 * 70.000 = 135 800 USD

closing the position you buy, and sell 70,000 GBP 1.9000 * 70.000 = 133 000 USD.

Overall, the transaction was able to serve 135,800 to 133,000 = 2 800 USD

All of the above examples are considered trade a lot. For trade to be more lotiga final figures are multiplied by the number of lots.

Pay attention to the contract specifications, please! GBPUSD in a lot of £ 70,000, but in a lot EURUSD is 100,000 EUR.

The total contract specification of various currencies.

Do not traded contrary to the trend. Many novice traders try to capture the pivotal moments and the trend of the market to buy or sell at the ground level of the uppermost level. This is equivalent of proceeding. It is virtually impossible to determine exactly when the market is a change in direction of motion. That’s what seems to be unattainable hinnatasemena today, tomorrow turns out to be easily exceeded this threshold.
No fee to open large positions available throughout the deposit amount. Any trader who exceeds the minimum deposit a large sum of his view, the market feels strongly and carelessly. However, a speculator must also refrain from unwarranted risks.Recklessness does not pay to invest all your trading capital.
Differentiate their own risks. Try to open up more financial positions. In this case, the risks are distributed, and one open position is not wrong to have a significant impact on your finantsportfellile.
Limit your losses – dip stop loss orders! Try not to withdraw the Stop Loss order at once when you put it. Stop loss orders insure against large losses, most successful treidereid kauplemisstrateegiates always use them.
Profit increases and decreases

For all of the usual rule of “buy cheaper, sell more expensive” – this approach is characterized by an increase in the game, when the income is attributable to the increase in the market.

One advantage of today’s financial market is the fact that you can not only an increasingly beneficial, but also in a downward market. Seeing that a currency depreciation, is expected to be a trend towards a rise in turn, may sell the currency to drop her off and make money. This option allows for more frequent, and stay on the market while earning money. Chance of earning a declining market is solved!


Forex market trading transactions executed collateral (margin) basis. Trading is a guarantee for retail investors in the most convenient and popular way to transact in the currency market.

Small start-up capital allows to carry out transactions for amounts that exceed the number of times. By trading forex trader can be on every dollar invested in your broker borrowed $ 100 or more, ie, if your deposit is $ 2000, you will be able to operate in a realistic market for 200,000 dollar amounts. Thus, even if you have a small amount, you can open mitmemiljonilisi contracts, while only risking their little collateral.

If you start a company of our client, you not only to trading in the forex market, but also a large U.S. company stocks and 30 fondiindeksitega. How to make money on shares and indices can read here .

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I am a Forex Trader.I love currency trading.

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