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How to Create a Passive Income!

How to Create a Passive Income!

Everyone I know always wants more money. The problem that people have with making more money is they believe it requires they to invest more time and effort to get it. This article will compare different ways to create a passive income!

So you want to create a passive income, but you don’t know where to start? I have been there. I remember thinking the same exact thing!

To create a passive income, you must understand the basics of creating the money. The key to creating a passive income is how you earn the money. Picking up a second job and working an extra 20 hours a week is not passive income. This is when you set up a system to bring you what I call “money on demand!” Most people earn their money on a schedule. They get paid each Friday or every two weeks. What you need is a strategy to bring you money without your direct work.

The first way to create a passive income is creating your own product. It needs to be a product because with a service you are a SER-VANT! With a product you do not have to be present when people buy what you created. The challenge for most people in creating their own product is they do not know where to start or what kind of product to make!

The second way is sell someone else product and make a referral commission. This is one of the easiest way. Typically, these companies have everything set up for you! They have a simple to follow, step by step process for you to make money without you being directly involved in the process!

Even selling someone else’s products does not truly create a passive income because you still lack one very important aspect! To create a true passive income you need leverage. You need a way to leverage the efforts of others. With leverage your income will not be linear. Meaning you make money off the efforts of others. It is with leverage that large incomes are made. No longer are you directly involved in the process.

They recap everything we covered:

– You need a product, not a service
– You need a system to sell without your direct effort
– You need leverage to make more money when you are not working

I have my own products. I found an easier way for the average person to create a passive income from home without all the risks of starting your own business. Here is how I create my “money on demand” system:

John T.S. Murphy- Is a home based business owner who teaches people “How To” break free of the 9 to 5 Lifestyle. He shows EXACTLY how you can work from home, call your own shots, and live the lifestyle of your dreams!

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