The Best Ads Exchange

Ads Exchange Advertising sites based around a variety of different types of traffic generating ads tha are displayed throughout the website and can be seen by visitors, as well as members. Place your free advertisement and you can start enjoying quality traffic and higher conversions! Write a good advertisement and you will receive a steady stream of quality traffic

Adver Blast

New type of advertising never seen before, your full pages is shown through thousands of sites in the background and you gain 100% open rate!! How would you like to capitalize on the nets newest most responsive traffic solution were you gain 100% of visitors to your website for life you do nothing but plug in your urls and the traffic is sent for a lifetime… we will send you thousands of visitors everyday and the price is so insane you will gain unreal amount s of traffic your ad will be rotated on over 154,678 (live) websites…

Free Lead System

You will find this system is absolutely amazing. Seriously, you’ve never seen anything like this… it literally is… a lead generating machine. Guys done something truly extraordinary with this system, that no one’s ever done before. It was created to deliver a daily, never-ending flow of free leads to anyone who uses it. We’ve ‘cracked the code’ for not just getting free leads… but to get them exponentially.


Not many traffic system can arouse my interest these days. But this one did.

Here are the reasons why I like this system:

1) It shares up to 90% of its revenue with ALL its members, no purchase needed. Definitely no Ad Pack to purchase!

2) ‘Timer-free’ ad viewer. (You’ll know what I mean and how important it is once you see how it works.)

3) ‘Real visit’ tracking system. (You can tell how long visitors have surfed on your ad. This itself is revolutionary!)

This is a system with lots of potential.

Leased Ad Space

Leased Ad Space is the most unique opportunity online. We give you the best marketing platform to sell the hottest commodity online, and you get paid instantly!! Yes, no middle man..Straight up, you get paid on every sale you make, 100% commissions paid instantly to you!

Every single business or person that is trying to make money online needs traffic, without it, they are all dead in the water! That is what we provide, we give you the platform to sell it, you bring in the people or businesses that need it, and we help you make the sale.

You can make 100% commissions off of 7 different levels of traffic packages sales.

What You Get

All traffic package purchasers will receive internal and external advertising and traffic, using the following types of ads.

Traffic Package Benefits
  • Text Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Email Marketing/Solo ads
  • A Public Profile Page
  • A personal blog where you can post your own unique content
  • Search Engine Traffic, Through Our Classified Ad Directory

Steal My Traffic

Grab the top spot now and get your share of 7 Million Visitors a month. Complete auto pilot system. We steal the spot for you on auto pilot hundreds of times a day. Earn up to 40% commissions from multiple ad packages. The New Steal My Traffic Auto Submitter is here and it is awesome. There is also a powerful contact mailer and a unique Cash Magnet system waiting for you in the members area. You will love this site. It has everything you need to reach a huge audience online.

Free Targeted Advertising.



Your ads will show on the entire network of sites! This means on the main pages and on the referral pages on sites such as; Hotspotmailer, Bestlistmailer, 50Adaygetsyoupaid, Webstars2K and many more. It also includes sites not in ownership as the textad bar can be put on 1TAE member websites that THEY own = massive exposure!!
PLUS, it is on the top frame surfbar of several websites.
YES! This means that when a member clicks on an email ad to earn credits OR surfs a page, this eye-catching adbar is on the TOP frames, showing YOUR ads.

Extreme Money Maker for anyone at any Level of Experience!


This is another shot for you to make money on very lucrative website as this is part of a 7 figure income advertising network that has paid out $100,000’s to members! You just advertise this elsewhere OR put the 1TAE adbar on your site, make the sales = You WILL get paid!

Plus all members can surf textads here! You’ll get visits toyour sites, win CASH and CREDITS while doing it!


PIFexplosion is a Special Advertising site for PRO members ONLY with a great 3×15 Forced Matrix Commission Plan. PIFexplosion is available “On Invitation” only; in fact You have been invited by myself and Your Gold membership has already been paid for You! Your Gold membership includes FREE Advertising  to a LARGE database of Professional Internet Marketers and Opportunity Seekers.

By Joining Today You will get the following:

– Gold Membership Upgrade!
– 1 Contact Solo Ad -> Every month
– 10000 Banner Impressions -> Every month
– 500 GUARANTEED Visits -> Every month
– The possibility to enter our 3×15 Forced Matrix

Earn up to $1,089,463.50 with our Matrix!

10 Buck Blast

This is like a SUPER Volcano it’s so hot! = email ads, banner and more!

YOU can also use this fresh new site and GET things rolling for your programs!

– Make money and get free advertising with this.
– Very exciting: it DIRECTLY helps you build your autoresponder list using a unique advertising method.
– One of a kind site – not sold elsewhere.
– And YES, it even has secret weapons!? 😉

Use for free or use for only 10 bucks. It’s up to YOU as it’s flexible and works for you!

HotLink Cycler

Are you tired of your email boxes overload? Of endless emails that you rarely  able to read or even just open to click on the link to earn some credits? You understand that your prospects are also tired of email overload, so your emails don’t have much chance of being read and your pages are rarely seen. We changed all that! New HotLink Cycler displays your ads on members websites instead of being sent by mail. Your prospects need to advertise, to advertise they need credits, to earn credits they have to click on your links and banners.


A-Z Ad Board

The Internet marketing wisdom is: There is NEVER ENOUGH advertising! We have the least expensive advertising on the Internet! You place your ads in front of thousands of prospects. You pay an unbeatable price of…   0.00!!!!

There is NO better deal ANYWHERE!

Text Ad Earnings

Two things we all need. Advertising and Cash!

This program has them both. Simple to understand and very affordable for EVERYONE! EVEN FREE MEMBERS EARN CASH! $5.00 cash per pro referral as a FR*EE member. !!!!$10.00 cash per pro referral as a PRO member!!!! Unlimited referrals = Unlimited earnings for you. Pro membership is just a one time $22.00 through Paypal. Your Text Advertising page is yours for LIFE! You get your very own advertising page to promote… All pro ads rotate at the bottom of all our free members pages! So as a PRO member you get others promoting your ads for you! This surely is a no brainer here! So simple to use, so easy to understand, so easy to get started!

Bargain Basement Ads

Congratulations! You Have Been Granted Free Instant Access To Immediately Get Traffic To Promote Your Offers, Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages, Splash Pages And More!

Your Free Membership Includes…

  • A Daily Chance To Win Prizes Just For Browsing Ads
  • Access To Our Unique Advertising System That Helps You Get Traffic Fast!
  • Ability to Earn Credits For Referring Others
  • Ability To Earn Additional Free Advertising
  • Ability To Earn Instant Commissions up to 100 per cent!
  • $200 In Free Banner Ads & Text Link Ads!

Plus Use our System Mailer to Mail to other Members And we are delivering  Bargain Prices for Advertising We provide Top Apex Solos and Extreme Quality Solo Ads

Enjoy the instant traffic and exposure with almost no effort whatsoever. You can setup your ads in just minutes and get quick results with our easy-to-follow system! We’ve made it real simple here!

New Member Promo Code = welcome

Instant Cash Engine

You Gotta See It To Believe It! This is a One of a Kind List Builder, Where You Can Also Earn Instant Commissions
After joining login and redeem the code for:

25,000 Credits…Plus
1 Solo Ad
4 Banner Ads
2 Button Ads
2 Block Ads
2 Ads Plus Ads
2 Headline Ads
2 Premium Ads
Time to join Instant Cash Engine….And Earn Commissions on Your Referral Upgrades Our Ultra Affordable OTO Special is converting at over 20%!!! Come Earn With Us

New Member Promo Code = newmember, secret

Cash Traffic Machine

Would you like V.I.P commissions? and Lifetime Banners Plus 450 dollars in bonuses and offers Let me explain V.I.P commissions so you understand how unique and powerful this feature is and how it benefits you like nothing you have ever seen. You’ll get 100% commissions on all front-end OTO’s and offers Plus commissions on any login offers that your referrals purchase! Plus you get all the admin commissions that would go to admin for all the members in your downline.THIS IS A HUGE BENEFIT – We call it 100% commissions! Plus All the commissions in your downline that normally would go to admin will now go to you.This is for unlimited levels down, no matter how far in your downline a commission that normally would go to admin will go to you.


Signup Free  – Use Promo Code = newmember, secret

50,000 credits
10,000 Viral Ad Credits
1 Solo Ad
10 Banner Ads with 1000 views each
10 Tet Ads with 1000 Views each
5 Login Ads with 250 Views each
2 Button Ad with 500 clicks each
2 Block Ads with 500 clicks each
2 Adsplus Ads with 500 clicks each
2 Headline Ads with 500 Ads each

Instant Ads 4 Me

Get real traffic for life – ads never expire Get 100% instant commissions paid instantly Transfer ads to your downline Private Messaging system & More You get paid 100% of every sale when you refer a new member!

My Traffic Downline

Build your downlines in all of the top traffic and marketing sites and promote just one url! Plus get ads, traffic and instant commissions too! Show your all your favorite links to everyone you refer every time they login. Earn up to 100% commissions & more.

Thank You Page Connection

Advertise your business for free across a huge network of thousands of sites.. while earning instant commissions!
* Simple Easy To Use System
* No ads to click or hard systems to learn
* Every Member can Earn Instant Commissions
* Get VIRAL traffic from download pages and thank you pages!

Endless Ad Network

Welcome to Endless Ad Network. Get Real Traffic For Life – Ads Never Expire

* The site is real simple to use

* Use the site to make up to 100% of sales

* Transfer ads to your downline as a bonus

* Your Ads Last Here For Life

* Every member you refer can earn you up to 100% commissions & much more

Confirmed Traffic

Here are 6 Reasons to Join This Site

1. Your referrals join your list 1st before they even join the site!

2. Your referrals will send their 1st 4 referrals to YOU!

3. You Get Real Traffic From Confirmed Members

4. You Can Transfer Ads To Your Downline As A Bonus or a Bribe 🙂

5. Members have a chance win Daily Prizes

6. All members earn Instant Commissions

Marketer Left Behind

When you join, you get over $200 in advertising, $1000+++ internet marketing downloads, and of course he is offering INSTANT commissions for referring others! So get over there now and check it out… this site is a marketers dream! Instant Commissions, Free Ads, Free I.M. Products, & More…. you can even build your list by adding referrals to your autoresponder when they join up!

I think you will have some fun with this site!

PS Click Power

Here are 6 reasons to join this site

1. Your referrals join your list 1st before they even join the site!

2. Your referrals will send their 1st 4 referrals to YOU!

3. Tap into the traffic stream and get traffic from other members emails! (priceless)

4. You receive NO Emails from members AT ALL

5. Members have a chance win Daily Prizes

6.  All members earn Instant Commissions

You can finally say, “here’s an easy way for me more traffic and more commissions.”

All That Traffic

Greg Chadwick is back in the viral list building world with another brand new “back to basics” site called All That Traffic. Greg Chadwick’ sites have always made it’s members the most commissions with the least hassle compared to other sites. Join today, get free traffic, mail your offers and promote for instant
paydays.. It’s all up to you on how much you want..

Get free ads today, free gifts plus earn big commissions

30 Minute List

The old way of building a list is DEAD! Go over here now and get your free account at this BRAND NEW list building resource… This new system utilizes new viral technology which BUILDS your list FOR YOU! This is the EASIEST thing ever to start adding fresh hot leads (40 – 100) per day.

Traffic List Pro

Forget paying Google or Facebook for ads. Get $200 worth of free advertising right here! This new resource lets you advertise and build a list at the same time. Get your account for $0.00 (for now!) I highly suggest you head over and get set up IMMEDIATELY..  Start advertising your sites and getting subscribers on your list.. You’ll see how the system works to add subscribers while you advertise, for free and on autopilot!

Viral Builder

Imagine waking up to see your downlines have just grown by 150 new members overnight? 1000s of marketers are plugging their money making programs in to Viral Builder and getting sign ups on autopilot… using this revolutionary new ‘Viral Building’ system… ($0.00 for now!) I highly suggest you head on over and get your free account set up IMMEDIATELY..  So you can start adding 100s of new subscribers to your list and grow your downlines with minimal effort.. You’ll see how the system works to virtually force your referrals to join your money making schemes.


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