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7 Ideas For Making Money Easy, and With Little to No Investment

7 Ideas For Making Money Easy, and With Little to No Investment

I know, I know the economy is in the dump right? That’s why your looking for ideas for making money. That’s ok because people everywhere are looking for more ways to pay there mortgage and clothe there kids.

You may have been laid off, You may be sick and tired of your day job, or you just want to make and extra $ 500 a month. What every your reason the I’m going to help you figure out a way to make money.

7 ideas for making money

If you want to be rich then there is no doubt you need to be self employed. Every person who has gotten rich was a professional athlete, movie star, investor, CEO, or business owner. That should tell you something. Below is a list of ideas that can make you rich or put some extra cash in your bank account.

1. Do Freelance work. If you are a tech person then you can find some work at, elance, and many other sites. Also if you like to write then you can post an article at Associated Content and get paid for the amount of views you get.

2. Teach lessons of your favorite sport or hobby. The neighbors kid has to learn how to play the piano some how. Structure a course and offer it to parents at a cheap price.

3. Play the stock market game. Actually never mind that might not even be a good idea right now…. so scratch that one 🙂

4. Fill Out surveys online. I’ve actually done this and I was able to rack in a $ 200-300 hundred dollars for that month. So they do actually pay.

5. Become an Affiliate and promote other people’s products and services. This is become a more popular option because of the lucrative market potential. look up wealthy affiliates, there is a community of these people who can teach you the way of the affiliate marketer.

6. Earn Money from a blog through Google AdSense. You know you can get paid every time someone clicks a google advertisement on your blog. Go for the high paying keywords like those in finance, insurance, health industries.

7. Buy and sell Domain names. Domain names are like virtually real estate, but instead of location you want to focus on the actual domain name and amount of traffic.

There are ton’s more ideas for making money, but what every you choose make sure it is at least enjoyable. If you don’t like it then your going to get turned off by the whole thing not to mention not make much money at your endeavor.

In this lovely article you have learned 7 ideas for making money.

One of the ways I make money is by sharing information with others interested in building there business, and making money online. If your one of those people then you should visit my blog @ and sign up to my elite marketers group where you’ll be exposed to a lot of different ways to make money and grow a business.

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