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5 Steps on How to Make Money Online?

5 Steps on How to Make Money Online?

This is the question so many people ask themselves every day and are given so many different answers and then end up totally confused. The first thing you must know is that there is no such thing as a get rich quick system where you go online and press a button and the money falls into your PayPal account.

To make money online and have a full time income, the internet is no different than any high street business. First you need people that are looking to buy a product or service, then it is your job to supply them whatever they want..

Here is a simple step by step plan that works and by the way say you will have to work.
#1 Find out what people are buying. This is very simple to do, if you go to Amazon or eBay, they will tell you there best selling products.
#2 Go to ClickBank and sign up for an account and become an affiliate and promote the Products people are looking for.
#3 Set up a free Squidoo page or blog about that product, all the pros and cons and be honest about it.
#4 Go to your Facebook or MySpace pages and talk to people and tell them where to find the products, eg your Squidoo page.
#5 Right an article about the product like this one you are reading now somewhere about 300/400 words, the post it to the article directors with a link back to your Squidoo page.

To find the best article directors do a search on Google and it will show you the top 10. That will be good to start with.

The most important part of all these steps is to sell what people are willing to buy and spend There hard earned cash with you , the biggest mistake I see online marketers make is they Sell what they want to sell and that’s why so many fail, business is not about you it’s about the people, that have the money in their hand.

Here a phrase heard the other day and it sums it up. “Don’t try and market something you think you can sell. Sell something you know you can market.” So in a nut shell sell what’s selling its much easier good luck.

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